Monday, May 14, 2012

Darkroom by Joshua Graham REVIEW

DarkroomAfter scattering her mother's ashes in Vietnam, photojournalist Xandra Carrick comes home to New York to rebuild her life and career. When she experiences supernatural visions that reveal atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers during the Vietnam War, she finds herself entangled in a forty-year-old conspiracy that could bring the nation into political turmoil. Launching headlong into a quest to learn the truth from her father, Peter Carrick, a Pulitzer Prize Laureate who served as an embedded photographer during the war, Xandra confronts him about a dark secret he has kept--one that has devastated their family.
Her investigations lead her to her departed mother's journal, which tell of love, spiritual awakening, and surviving the fall of Saigon.

Pursued across the continent, Xandra comes face-to-face with powerful forces that will stop at nothing to prevent her from revealing the truth. But not before government agencies arrest her for murder, domestic terrorism and an assassination attempt on the newly elected president of the United States.

Darkroom is a riveting tale of suspense that tears the covers off the human struggle for truth in a world imprisoned by lies.

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Aside from the supernatural part of this book, I really enjoyed it. But I understand why it was added. It would have been difficult to write the story with the plot that it has without the supernatural realm. It would have left it flat.
For me, the story started off slow in a way but at the same time it had a good start. Xandra and her father go to Vietnam to spread her mother's ashes. Xandra, a photojournalist can't let go of what her love is and what her job has ingrained in her and snaps pictures of the beautiful and serene country's landscape. After she developes the pictures, you understand why that part of the story was important. Because that is the first hint to the plot of the book.
It really took off for me when Xandra comes back to the states to no job. Deciding to develope the film from when she was in Vietnom with her father, she sees a dead woman in the pictures that she took. Contacting the authorities they find the dead woman's body. And Xandra becomes the number one suspect.
And the story takes off from there. This was a gripping thriller full of conspiracy and pages full of action. I found myself rooting for Xandra, knowing she is innocent and willing to do practically anything to prove her innocence will leave you breathless. I don't think I can say much more without giving too much of the book away and I don't want to do that!
But if you like, love or even dabble in supernatural thrillers, you will love this.

I received this book for review from Pump Up Your Book

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