Thursday, September 11, 2014

Slow Seduction (Struck by Lightning #2/3) by Cecilia Tan

** For Mature Audiences Only **

Slow Seduction (Struck by Lightning, #2)

Unforgettable passion . . .

Two months have passed since Karina's painful departure from James, the mysterious lover who awakened her darkest desires, and she'll do anything-anything-to locate him and win him back. Her search takes her to London, where she finds herself immersed in the world of fine art and forbidden pleasures. And soon, Karina meets another enigmatic man who promises to help her find James . . . for a price.

Unexpected pleasure . . .

Damon George is rich, gorgeous, and a member of a secret society that caters to the sensual thrills of the wealthy and powerful. Though Karina insists her heart will always belong to James, Damon is determined to have her, body and soul. By the time she finds James, Karina has been "trained" to please another. Will James reject her again . . . or find her more irresistible than ever?  

So, unlike the first book, there is little, if any similarities to the other trilogy. That said...
Karina has landed in London for an internship job as well as to look for James who disappeared on her after they had sex at the Society soiree. After getting a lead on how to get into the same Society there in London as well as playing Nancy Drew with James' letter to her boss at the Art Gallery, Karina finally tracks him down. 
Damon George is supposed to help her not only track him down, but get her and James in the same room so Karina can talk to James and get some much needed answers as well as to find out if Karina and James can work it out or if her and James should walk away from each other. Damon agrees to this, on the flip side, if James turns Karina down, he gets one night with her, doing whatever pleases him. No Limits. 
Instead, unbeknown to Karina, Damon is doing everything in his power to sabotage her and her chances. 
Karina finally has a moment alone with James after her performance with his glass art installation. After they have their moment together, she learns James was simply trying to give her closure. After a much needed conversation of clarification, all seems to be well between Karina and James. Until she runs into a woman referring to herself as his wife. 
James disappears again and Karina heads back home to her mother that is in the hospital. 
Karina has decided it was James' turn to find Karina and chase her. He had to fight for her  and she wasn't sure if there was enough love there to continue in a relationship with James. 
Only time would tell.

I really enjoyed this second installment and Tan can definitely not be referred to as copycat. This story has definite twists among its plot I did not expect. And yet again, the author answers questions from the previous book, yet leaves us on another cliff hanger.

 I recommend this book to mature audiences only

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 I received this book for review from the author.

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