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#Giveaway The Beijing Memorandumm by JB Morris

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Book Details:
Book Title:  The Beijing Memorandum by JB Morris

Category:  Adult Fiction, 538 pages
Genre:  Thriller
Publisher:  JB Morris
Release date:   November 25, 2019
Tour dates: November 25 to December 20, 2019
Content Rating:  PG-13 (There is violence and profanity including f-word. There is no explicit sex.)

Book Description:

The headlines read:

U. S. Bolstering Pacific Military Forces to Counter ‘Massive’ Beijing Buildup.
Pentagon Acknowledges Beijing Seeks Global Supremacy.

This is what the news media is saying. But what exactly is happening behind closed doors?

The Beijing Memorandum takes reader on a
thrill ride from the heavily guarded Zhongnanhai compound in Beijing to
the FBI Headquarters in the Nation's Capital to the White House's
Situation Room to the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City.

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Moses Remington knew terror firsthand. He
 saw it during his combat deployments in Fallujah, Iraq and in the
Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He saw it again in Mexico when he
stumbled across China’s secret plan.

Now, he must dodge Chinese assassins and an FBI dragnet to save
Consulate General Gao Quan and his family from certain execution to
disclose China’s secret plans to the world.

Guest Post
It must be scary. People who sit at computers for hours on end, day after day, Struggle to take the time to walk the dog. Bargain away their away household rights and duties to cajole a child, spouse, or significant other to take over the chores of dog maintenance. Surely, you’ve heard of them? They break away from the computer at the absolute last moment to greet Grandma who has traveled three- thousand miles to visit. And most important, they can only survive with the encouragement and help of the family.
Who are they? Well, they are writers who like to promote themselves and wear the label of author. I’m one of them, and the above description fits me to a tee. Why do I cloister myself in a room to shout achieving occasional success and slump with failure?
It’s simple, really. They call it the joy of creation. To see your minor gift on a printed page in the hands of a reader.
I suppose now is the time for my confession. My writing life hasn’t always been easy. I am not college educated in the skill of creative writing. So I learned from the school of hard knocks. I have learned adverbs are worse than bank robbery. My first writing effort had twelve-hundred of those puppies.
I’ve picked up on the sins of adverbs and a host of other writing techniques.
My saving grace is having written poems, essays, and short stories since high school. I’ve achieved some success and can call myself an international bestselling author. Sweet.
Now, let’s you and I talk about THE BEIJING MEMORANDUM or perhaps best described as Communist China’s plans for Mexico. It is not an impossible thesis. China currently has a major influence in Central America and Mexico is a third-world country close to anarchy.

I spent countless days on the government interworkings of China, Washington D.C. and Mexico. The plot is plausible with a foundation of accurate facts. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it. Best to you and your family. JB Morris

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Meet the author:    

JB Morris is an international bestselling thriller author with a unique
writing style & received two Reader's Favorite FIVE-STAR awards for
writing excellence.

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Lauren Carr said...

What an interesting guest post. Thank you for sharing.

JB Morris said...

Thank you, Elishal for your promotion of THE BEIJING MEMORANDUM. I appreciate your efforts and wish you and your family the best of good fortune during the holiday season.
JB Morris