Friday, March 25, 2011

Love You More by Lisa Gardner REVIEW

Who do you love?
The tragic case seems to be open and shut: Pushed to the brink by an abusive husband, Tessa Leoni finally snapped and killed him in self-defense. But Tessa isn’t talking-not about her dead husband, not about her bruises, and not about why her six-year-old daughter has vanished. Tessa’s hiding something. Was her   husband’s death an accident? A murder? Or something far more terrifying? Every answer leads to more questions. To find a missing child, homicide detective D.D. Warren must dissect this family down to its darkest truths. She needs to learn how far a woman would go to save someone she loves.

I got to be honest with you. I have never read a book by Lisa Gardner before this. I know I know…But the good news is…I loved this book. From the very beginning it was suspenseful, a page turner. I was trying to read faster to find out what happened to this character and that character. I was trying to figure out the secrets about the marriage and the missing daughter before it got explained. And what went wrong in the marriage. How and where Brian Darby turned into an insecure controlling shmuck. 
There were two story lines in this book. One about Tessa and Brian and the other about D.D. Warren and her boyfriend Alex. The book kept bouncing between the two stories but it was easy to follow.
I really liked Tessa’s character. She is a strong woman who can handle her own. She is devoted to her child and her job. And even though she seemed genuinely happy with Darby and Sophie, Tessa’s daughter seemed to love him; it looked to me like Tessa’s almost lost herself to him.  It was as though she wasn’t as strong or as independent with him.
I loved how well developed the characters were in this book. Gardner did very well in creating these characters and making them realistic.
I loved this book and I am definitely going to start reading more of Lisa Gardners books!
I recommend this book definitely.

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