Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Trigger by Hon Hoh REVIEW

Three individual from three different continents find their lives merged in a single divine purpose: to win the last unreached people group on earth and usher in the Second Coming of Christ. They must succeed in order to fulfill the trigger for the return of the Lamb as declared in Matthew 24:14.
In their way stands the legion of demonic principalities intent on destroying the plan. Against the backdrop of unprecedented persecution and the onslaught of cataclysmic events, Pastor Josh must remain steadfast to carry out the priority revealed to him by God. He now realizes that no believer will escape the greatest tribulation in human history and that only the matchless return of the King can deliver mankind from evil's reign.
The climatic battle between God and Evil unfolds as Lucifer executes his definitive act of defiance: the global genocide of all Christians.With the sound of the trumpets reverberating throughout the heavens, what has been set in motion must now complete its course. Eternity and the fate of the earth are at stake.
There is no plan B.

From the very beginning this book was very captivating. Even the prologue. I love prologues in books. It's like an appetizer to the meal. I am very happy and blessed that the last few books I have read have been really good reads that I would gladly recommend. This was another one; but in a different sense. It was a joy read, but it also made me think but not in a boring way where it made my brain hurt. I could still enjoy the storyline and get very into the book.
I love that the author was able to write a book on a subject many people find heavy, difficult, and at time controversial and scary but kept it interesting, captivating, thrilling and suspenseful. I enjoyed the fact that he has people think of the rapture and second coming in a different light, a different view point.
Hon Hoh writes this storyline with the viewpoint that the rapture doesn't happen and that everyone goes through the tribulation. That all the Christians are fighting through the Tribulation until the Second Coming actually comes. I know quite a few Christians who do believe this. I personally do believe in the rapture. I do believe that Christians are going to get a taste of the tribulation. Perhaps a very good taste of the tribulation. A lot of Christians believe we are going through the beginnings of the Tribulation right now. And that is a big part why I enjoyed this book. Because reading this book really does make you think of all of this in a different light. It really does make you wonder, what if the Rapture doesn't happen? What if we do go through until the very end until the Second Coming happens?
For me, The Trigger reminds me in a way of This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. Awesome man. Awesome author/pastor. Great book. The Trigger by Hon Hoh-Great book. It is on my list of favorite reads for this year. I can't wait for his next book. I have already recommended this book to my mother.

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