Monday, December 5, 2011

An exciting new idea

I have always wanted to be part of a book club or book group. Almost two years ago I went online to find an online book club/group...and that's how I found the world or book blogging / book reviewing and fell in love. I was real excited when a fellow blogger started an online book club and I join whenever life allows me. But I still wanted an in-person book club to be part of. One where we met up once a month or so where we did fun things attributed to the club (like dressing up to the theme of the book or having a buffet with the food based on the time and or theme of the boo). One where the books chosen to read are mainly ones where I would pick them up anyway to read but the added fun is that there is a group of people reading at the same time with me so I can talk about the book with them...believe it or not I have had no luck at trying to find this. I have even tried to start one at no luck. People thought it to be juvenile or didn't have the time or don't read that genre.
Well, last weekend my niece spent the night and I was finishing up a book for review (soon to be up:). She asked me how I got into book/product reviewing so I told her the story I just told you. She then told me she wanted to create a book club. We got to talking about that and even made an outline for it. Later on my younger sister called me and I told her what Lilly (niece) and I were thinking about with the book club. She thought it was ironic because she was thinking about the same thing. We all started to get excited about it...we spread the word around and some seemed excited about it. We have our first official meting for our group this Saturday:) We are the Reading Guild. What do you think? We have decided to read a book once a month, once a year we read a classic and we dress to the year/theme of the book, at the end of the month we get together to discuss the book and have a potluck, every Christmas we have a gift exchange; we read a Christmas read every December.If we choose a book from a series we must start at the beginning and read the entire series with a celebration for reading the entire series. We are open to all genres except paranormal and self help.  My younger sister, Bethany and I are co-leaders. Our first club read is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
So...waddya think? you like it? What would you have changed or done? Any books you would suggest for a group read? I am going to start a blog for our book group so if you'll stop by that would be awesome!

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