Friday, November 18, 2011

Common Denominators for Success by Kenny J. Anderson REVIEW

For centuries people have sought to find the secret to achieving lasting success. Common Denominators for Success reveal the seven universal formulas for getting the results you want from life. Whether you are pursuing a lifelong dream or wish to develop deep, meaningful relationships, enjoy optimal health, or make the most of your time and money, application of these seven timeless principles holds the key to reaching your full potential and turning your dreams into reality. Ordinary people in all eras have achieved extraordinary results as they have applied these seven powerful formulas. Now is the time for you to live your dreams and get the results you want.

There are times when I see someone my age who has accomplished a lot more than I have and I feel behind and lazy because I haven’t gotten to that point yet. There are times when I see a couple my husband and my age living in a very nice house with a couple nice cars, nice clothing, etc…then I see my husband and I…we are happily married, with a happy beautiful child and we at times live off of ramen, sandwiches and canned goods to make rent and bills. My point is; I find myself wondering, when is our hard work going to pay off? My adopted grandmother told me that when she and her husband were first married they were grateful for the two for one deals on burgers at the burger joint otherwise they would have gone hungry. And later when they had two kids they had to trade in the bottles to get the money for milk for the kids. They now live very nicely.
My point in saying all of this is I was glad to review this book because I was hoping for ideas and inspiration on how to make our dollar stretch a bit further. For my eyes to open up to what we are doing wrong. And it’s funny because reading these guidelines was sort of an eye opener but so simple. Like stop making excuses. Be real. If you want it, especially if you know it will improve your lifestyle, make it happen. Another obvious tip that people tend to break all the time is spend less money than you make. Stop spending beyond your means. Also, you need to believe that you will make it to your goal. You will obviously have your down moments or days and feelings which is why you need to give yourself reminders why you’re doing this. Because remember, success is not a matter of chance but of choice.
One of the things I can be glad to have been brought up with is “if it’s something you really want, than go for it even if there are roadblocks. Because after that first roadblock you will feel more energized to get to your goal.” That was something else in the book that is a great tip.
After reading this book I felt like using it as a day-to-day how-to guide to help our finances and help our success rate at wanting great credit, a home, car, etc. I haven’t quite figured out how I would do that but if you have any ideas, let me knowJ
I fully enjoyed this book even though it was a self-help/financial book. I have gotten tired of reading only self-help books but I did enjoy and recommend this one and I hope you pick it up get something from it as well.

                                                                                I  received this book for review from Media Guests

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