Friday, April 20, 2012

Pulled by A. L. Jackson REVIEW

Melanie Winters and Daniel Montgomery shared a love they believed bonded them together for life. After the tragic loss of their daughter, overwhelming grief and misguided guilt distorts the truth, and their relationship ends in unanswered questions.

For nine years, they drift through life, each unable to forget the one who holds their heart.

Now, when their lives again intersect, will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past?

Pulled is a story of attraction and separation, of destiny and duty, of a love so strong it refuses to give up even when all others have.

Let me start off by saying this; the title is very fitting for this book. Because it does pull you in. The Author writes a love story that is very sweet, hard to come by, I'm sure everyone who hasn't had this connection with their true love had or will get this connection, this chance at this special bond with their true love.
This love story is told from the viewpoint of Daniel and Melonie. The two teenagers who meet and quickly fall in love....things seem to be going great..then she winds up pregnant. Just as Melonie agrees with Daniel that they need to tell her father, they get into a bad car accident. Melonie's mother comes to town ( divorced parents ) and tells Melonie either come home with me or your father and I will press charges against Daniel. Melonie doesn't tell this little piece of information to Daniel but promises to be back in a few months after she is eighteen. A few months turn into nine years. They meet unexpectedly at a businesses dinner. And oh the story really heats up and at this point in the story, just when the excitement gets thick, how can you put this book down?? Especially when I got to the business dinner, I couldn't finish this story in one sitting. I was a little disappointed that I figured out the business dinner and what Vanessa would do before it happened, but then again, I tried and about half the time succeeded with the Nancy Drew Series. It bewildered me how they both spoke about their strong bond and and unspoken communication and how well they knew each other yet for nine years they both thought the complete opposite of what was true about the other. They didn't think horribly about the other but they also thought they were both to blame and not good enough for the other.
And with how much thought both missed each other and thought of the other and how much pain they both were in, how did they last 9 years without looking for the other? Afraid of what they might find?
 As the story unfolded I still kept wondering, why didn't she go back?? Why did they end communication?
This story makes you continue reading not so much to find out what happens next because the plot was pretty easy to figure out, with a few wrenches thrown into the mix...that isn't to say anything bad about the author or book itself because the book was very good but you keep reading to get your questions answered. To put the puzzle pieces back together. I liked that about this book.
I really enjoyed this book and only wish I had a paper copy on hand to have a few family members and friends read. I am thinking of adding this book to my book clubs must-read list:) I am now keeping an eye out for more of her books))


Nicky Wells said...

What a stunning review! I can't wait to read this book. Thank you!

Elisha German said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment:)