Monday, December 6, 2010

Slumpy Phase...Now Ending I Hope?

I realize i have been gone for a few days...or so....but I have been a little bit busier lately and I am hoping that ends soon. I have also been trying to do a lot more reading and a lot less computer time in efforts to bring my review tbr down a little. Plus haven't been in the mood lately to do any weekly memes that I usually partake in which is strange because I love doing all the weekly memes, reading them and participating. But I think I am out of my slump and I now look forward to participating in all the weekly memes I normally do. Except for a few memes by MizB because she has put a few on hold. I am disappointed but I understand and look forward to the time when she restarts it/them.
I have a couple book reviews coming up later in the next few days:
Recipes for a Beautiful Life by Julie Keye & Madaline Hall 

And after a while of figuring out how to download a pdf book file onto my computer (I know...I had my blond moment of the day;p)
Chris Mouse & the Promise by Tine J. Lackey-Adams, BSW & Pamela Hopkins

Product Details 
I also have a couple book reviews/blog tours coming up in the next couple weeks or so.

How was everybody's weekend?   

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