Friday, May 6, 2011

Contingency by Paula Wiseman REVIEW

Book One: Covenant of Trust Series

Bobbi Molinsky's comfortable life is shattered when a forwarded email from her husband's account lands in her inbox. The email teases, “My whole evening is free again." After an angry confrontation with Chuck, she is left with the broken remains of an eighteen year marriage.
Bobbi agrees forgiving Chuck is the right thing to do, the God-honoring thing to do, but it leaves her empty and isolated. Teaching her second-graders is a burden. Taking care of her boys saps all her energy. It seems God Himself has walked away, leaving her to struggle alone.
Bobbi can't deny the transformation in Chuck, but genuine forgiveness requires trust, and trust is a risk she's not willing to take. Can she let go of her deepest, most primal fears and save her marriage?

This was a fiction thriller with God intertwined through-out it; and I loved that. I wish there were more books out there like this. I can't wait to read the rest of the series!
This book had a lot of really good, Bible/God based advice. I felt like taking out a pad of paper and pen and highlighter. I loved how simple and black and white their youngest son Joel thought and saw things. I wish I could see things so simply, but unfortunately most of the time life is not so black and white. I could definitely see myself in Bobbi though, trying to keep some sort of normalcy for her sons, even allowing their father to come over to dinner. Not being able to sleep in the bed her and Chuck shared. Not being able to sit in the church service while Chuck confessed to adultery in-front of the congregation. I would probably be just like her in that same situation.
I was not a fan of Bobbi's sister Rita. I felt that she was very pushy and at times overstepped her boundaries; even as the older sister. I understand that she is just being a sister, an older, over-protective sister at that, but when you have a biased opinion anyway, your advice will be faltered and not come from fair judgment of the situation.
I picked this book up every time I had a chance. It had slow moments at times but not enough to take away from the goodness of the story. I also liked how the author would transition from the present to a past memory of Chuck and Bobbi, either his or her memory than back to the present than back in time to Chuck and his ex-lover. She didn't make it confusing at all but you were also able to piece together the puzzle by her switching back and forth.
I would continue gushing about the book but I don't want to give anything (else lol) away.
I recommend this read to all:)
I feel that the cover is very fitting

                                        I received my copy of the book for review from Pump Up Your book as part of a blog tour.


Paula Wiseman said...

Thank you so much for reading Contingency and for such a fabulous review!


Elisha German said...

Not a problem! I really enjoyed the book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series! Your now one of my favorite authors:) Thank you for such a good read:)