Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surviving Sexual Brokenness by Thom Hunter REVIEW

A man sitting with his wife at the table on the other side of the restaurant is polite but distracted. A woman at work stares out her office window with a blank expression, her mind far away. A father wraps his arm around his daughter in the church pew; his eyes are on the pulpit, but his mind wanders. What about the college student on the soccer field or in the library? The Doctor prepping for surgery? the realtor showing the house next door? The mailman on your front porch. Your Sunday school teacher...perhaps even your preacher. These people may be dominated by some form of  sexual brokenness, from pornography to adultery to unwanted homosexual temptation.
They share a secret they hope and pray will not be revealed. The urge to "act out" in their brokenness is destroying  them because it conflicts with a life they have already chosen. They don't know how to live with it; they don't know how to be rid of it. They may not know what caused it. They only want to "cure" it. " Am I just a misplaced homosexual?"     " Did God makes me this way?"  "Why won't He change me?"
Surrounding them are the ones who sense something is amiss but have no clue what to do or where to find help. They may be confused by the teachings of the church; love the sinner; hate the sin. This seemingly Biblical response can actually send the message to the struggler that he is, in fact unlovable because his identity seems inseparable from his sin.

Surviving Sexual Brokenness examines the roots and the roadblocks and provides understanding, encouragement, hope and help through Biblical truth and Christian compassion for the freedom-seeker and those who travel alongside. 

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 This book had a lot of good points and good biblical advise for someone or someone you know who is battling with trying to figure out where they are and/or who they are; more specifically sexually. For anyone out there who is confused, scared, or whatever emotion you/they are feeling about what is going on in their mind and heart, this book will help so much. The author speaks of his own dealings of sexual abuse which led him to other temptations and confusion. He sought a lot of spiritual help to get past his past. That doesn't mean he will forget about it. I don't think you can ever forget about sexual abuse of any kind on any level. It is still a trauma. And I cannot express how sorry I am for those who out there have had go through it or are going through it. He explains that for those who have gone through sexual abuse, it is not in any way shape or form your fault. Do not feel embarrassed, ashamed or try to keep it hidden. You will be a victor not a victim by shinning light on the matter and person(s).
I think my favorite chapter was 10, entitled Reclaiming Tattered Integrity. I think partly because he gives a list of need-to-do to do as the chapter title says. Like depending on God, trusting Him. Needing to practice humility, being more thankful, including the smaller things as well as the bigger things and the obvious things like gifts. Taking responsibility for your actions. To name just a few from the list. All really good pointers. And even if you aren't dealing with sexual brokenness or tattered integrity, these pointers are good to live by anyway.
I really enjoyed this book. I would gone on but I don't want to give the entire book away! It is a really good read. Even if you haven't dealt with sexual abuse of any kind this is a good read and you will take away from it but for those who have been through the abuse or confused about their sexuality or are going through it this is a really important book to pick up. It will help you so much. It really is amazing what grace can do.

                                                                        I received this book for review from Pump Up Your Book 
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