Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hey all! This will be a short blog, more like a note...letting those of you who read my blog know, I am still here! I have been staying with friends to help them out and they had issues with their computer so I couldn't get on. I know... I went a litttttle crazy lol. Anyway, now that the issue is fixed I am hoping I can get on a lot more and get back up to speed...get caught u with my posts, FINALLY put my review up for I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley...It's been bugging me soo much not being able to post my blogs, check out the other great blogs, not bing able to post my reviews...But it's OK now:) My review should be up within this week...that's my goal...
Anyway, I am back nd active as I love so pleas be patient and don't disappear on me please!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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