Monday, June 28, 2010

Musing Mondays 6/28/10

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This weeks question of musings is...

What do you think of books that receive a lot of hype? (think of the "Twilight" saga, or "Harry Potter", or "The Da Vinci Code"). Do you read them? Why, or why not?

I wasn't into any of these books lol. Not my "cup of tea" Though my husband is a big fan of The Twilight Series. He read all the books and was soo excited when the first movie came out then he was disappointed when the movie skipped parts of/in the book . I was 'forced' to watch the first movie; it was good and I voluntarily watched the second. The hubby wants me to read the series so im not asking "a thousand questions" during the movie. I've added it to my TBR pile.

But weather a book (series or not) has a lot of hype, that isn't going to make me read it. Just like recommendations from people who don't know my reading taste. I'll look into it but it may not go further than that. I read a book a while back that had a lot of hype. I didn't see the big deal. So, alll in all, just because a book has a lot of hype doesn't mean I'll read it and get dragged into the hysteria.
I may read the book (series) after all the hysteria has died down, but it really all depends on the genera, the author, etc...
I should have a TBR for just books that have been hyped or drooled over..then get to it at some point lol

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