Friday, January 6, 2017

**Review** The Tigress and the Yogi by Shelly Schanfield

The Tigress and the Yogi

A talking tigress. A wandering yogi. A young woman’s journey through an ancient land where chaos threatens gods and mortals alike.

A tigress speaks to the outcaste girl Mala, and she flees in terror only to collide with an old yogi. She offers him shelter, and in return he spins wondrous tales and awakens her hunger for forbidden spiritual knowledge.

Thus begins her quest for freedom. On her journey she meets gods and goddesses, outlaws and kings, and the young prince prophesied to become the Buddha, but when she loses everything she loves, her quest goes terribly wrong. She descends into madness, worshipping a dark goddess and mastering occult powers. Yoga’s path could lead her back to the light, but inner demons guard the way, and she must summon the courage to face them or wander in darkness forever.

I thought this book was well-written, very smooth, and easy to read story that took me to a magical place. The synopsis grabbed me even though the cover loses me. This story starts out great; pulling you in at the beginning and making you want to  keep turning those pages for more. However, it did slow down a bit here and there for me which made me feel like I had to trudge slowly through the muddy boring slow parts. I did like that beginning story was more a contextual premise for the actual story; when Mala has to find a way to survive. This was a bit out of my comfort zone, a very different read for me. But also enjoyable and fun. Even though there were slow and boring parts, I do look forward to reading more from this author.

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