Friday, May 12, 2017

Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection by Jared Mellinger **Review**

Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection
Being mindful about who you are and what you are doing isn't necessarily a bad thing. Evaluating yourself is necessary and can lead to positive change.

But what about the dark side of introspection? Do you ever feel weighed down and exhausted by your own self analysis? Perhaps you made a mistake, said a careless word, or even messed up big time. Now you cant get it out of your mind. You keep revisiting what happened. Your mind circles around the event, fruitlessly trying to somehow make the outcome different so that you don't feel embarrassment, shame, and regret.

Jared Mellinger, a pastor and self-confessed struggler with introspection holds out the hope of the gospel for those who, like him, overdose on introspection. Only truly understanding the gospel can rescue us from false guilt, fruitless self-examination, and self-accusation.

The only long-term solution to thinking too much about ourselves is when our attention is drawn away from ourselves and Jesus fills our minds eye.

This was a different and out of the box read for me. But I am glad I read it. This book was insightful, thoughtful, a bit provocative,  and thought provoking. I especially liked the part where it said that evaluating yourself is good and healthy, but too much of it can be damaging (paraphrasing here). If you are introspective (introverted, shy, not outgoing), this is a great book for you. I am more of an ambivert so this book did apply to me at times. There were times where I was reading and thought, "oh..yeah..*nodding in agreement*". I really liked that it was easy to read, cohesively balanced, and heuristic for today's world. 

About the author:
Jared Mellinger joined the Covenant Fellowship Church pastoral team in 2006, upon graduating from Pastors College of Sovereign Grace Churches. He became senior pastor in 2008. Jared graduated from Kutztown University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. He enjoys reading, rollerblading, poetry, drinking coffee, building fires, and listening to Josh Garrels. Jared is the author of Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection. He resides in Glen Mills, PA with his wife Meghan and their six children.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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