Thursday, May 27, 2010

Booking Through Thursday 5/27

This week's question...

What books do you have next to your bed right now? How about other places in the house? What are you reading?
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I am reading:
1. 2nd Chance by James Patterson with Andrew Gross- almost done with this one! Quite the page turner!
2. Winter Haven a Novel by Athol Dickson

Next I am going to be reading: 1st To Die by James Patterson!

I have boxes upon boxes of books in my apartment that I have yet to read. I also have 1st To Die by James Patterson, What to expect the first year, Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales Of A Botswana Safari Guide by Peter Allison, The Murderer's Daughters (a novel) by Randy Susan Meyers next to my bed. I have books all over my place and I need to work on that...


Lisa said...

Gotta love those boxes lol

Here's mine

Elisha German said...

You can never have too many books! There are so many great ones and they keep coming! I need my own library with floor to ceiling bookshelves!