Saturday, March 3, 2012

Author Interview with J.L. Manning

He wrote a great book, he is a talented writer, please welcome the man behind The Night Watchman....J. L. Manning!
  1. What made you choose to write in the Genre that you write in?
I write Young Adult Fiction, because reality is too boring and the best times in life are as young adults.  My books started out in space Sci-Fi and what the future may bring. Now I’m focused on relations with Sci-Fi encounters. 

  2. What is your favorite thing about the writing experience and why?
I enjoy that writing takes the author away to a world of his creation. My world is not what I wish it to be. I write to get away and dream of a world I would like to live.
3.  What was the first moment you know you wanted to write?
I daydream a lot, but that just waists time. I had a job that I was dreaming a lot at as I would do the busy work that was numbing my mind. I started writing these dreams to keep my mind active and creative.
4.       How do you handle bad reviews?
I learn from them. I welcome bad reviews, because a review that just states that the book is good does nothing for me, but improve sales…
5.   When you write, do you write for a long period of time or do you write in short burst?
It feels good when I’m having trouble to stop writing. I write a page or two at a time. I have had an idea that I just had to write about, but I sometimes have trouble getting started.
6   Where did your inspiration for this book come from?
The Night Watchman came from my life and the main character has my background. I heard about the technology that I used in this book how I wished I could use it in my real life. The technology is real, but it does not do everything that I depicted in this book.

7.   What words of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Write your dreams. Turn your dreams into something you can share. Most of all do research on how to write a book for the reader.
8.   What is your favorite scene from the book or why?
I wrote scenes throughout this book where the main character is tentatively fighting diamonds within him that are questioning if he is doing the right thing.
9.   If your book was turned into a movie that would you want to direct it?
Simon West, Director of movie “The Mechanic” TV “The Cape” or Matthew Vaughn, Director of “Kick-Ass” 
10.   What is the most inspiring quote you have ever heard?
Just Do It…
11.   What projects do you have planned for the future?
Publish my new book this spring. It’s about aliens coming to Earth and how they join the workforce to be accepted.
12.   What is your favorite movie?
Any adventure movie that has a Peter Pan complex…
13.   What do you hope to say to people with your writing?
I hope they learn a different way to see the world they live.
14.   What do you dislike the most about the publishing world?
The conundrum that you need an agent to get published, but you need to have been published to get an agent.
15.   Coffee or Tea?
Coffee in the morning, Iced Tea in the afternoon, and Chocolate Milk with dinner.

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