Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Lover and the Madman by Joe K. REVIEW

Joe K. shows what beauty there is in loss and what victory there is in surrender. Through his personal experiences Joe shares a peaceful message of faith, hope, and recovery in the twelve steps. From his idyllic childhood in the ranching and mining towns of the Pacific North West, Joe's life takes him to the glittering nightclubs of the 1960's where his career as a performer brought his great success, and where his very personal journey began. From gutters and flophouses of San Francisco to the luxury resorts of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, Joe shares his exciting journey to spiritual and personal awakening and finding self-acceptance and love. Today Joe is retired and makes his home in Boise, Idaho where he spends his time with his 2 dogs, large family, and many wonderful friends.

I love memoirs. I always have. Especially after I read The Diary of Anne Frank in elementry school. I have heard from friends and family and other bloggers about memoirs and books based on true stories/events; some of them were great and I hated getting to the last page, others seemed to drag on and on. The memoir sorta fell in the second category for me. His stories would differ from funny, sad, scary and uh...huh...moments. I thought I would get to the point of his memoir about halfway through his stories. I was hoping so. But- about halfway through I stopped reading for a moment and looked at the book and thought, what is the point of this memoir? Is there a reason for it? Most people, when they write their memoirs, they tell stories of their life but there is also a point to it. The big lesson they learned, the deamon they conquered. I felt in his book, that part was missing, or at least fell flat. I did get a message of faith and loss but it didn't seem to be the focal point of his message. I'm not sure what the focal point was. I did get moments of inspiration as he was figuring out who he was sexually and as a person as well fighting through alcohol addiction and mental disorders. I would read another of his books and give him another chance; I just didn't feel it with is memoir and I am sorry to feel and say that since I do enjoy memoirs; especially since I read another review of this book over at Minding Spot, the book seems real good.
On the same token, as I do with all books that I don't feel so great about first hand, I will come back to it and read it again.

Please read other people's reviews and thoughts on this book as well. I don't feel the greatest about this book but you never know....
I can't say I do recommend this book, but I would say to still give the book a chance because as I said before, you never know.

I received this book for review from MediaGuests 


Jessica said...

Lovely review. I like the cover image. And this sounds like an interesting memoir.

Cheryl said...

It's good that you plodded through the book, despite not being captivated by it. That can be tough.