Friday, September 10, 2010

Review Without A Book

I recently joined a few days ago. I signed up to review Outlive Your Life: You were made to make a difference by Max Lucado.
I am totally looking forward to it. I am a big fan of Lucado and already have a few of his books. So I was thrilled to review this book. Then I cruised around the site for more information on the book and author and I noticed something.
Oh. A due date. September 10th. OK. No worries. It'll probably be here in a few days and that still gives me a few days to read it and work on my review and get it posted. I can do that. Besides, his books are typically on the thinner side. Totally got this!

Except this is now the 9th and still no book! So I'm kinda freakin out here. So I email them to let them know it hasn't gotten here for the waiting game and being nervous game.

What would you do in my situation?

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