Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Year With God by R. P. Nettelhorst Review

God's Words changed history, now let them change you.
Are there any words more powerful than God's? Through His Words, the world came  into creation and all life into being.  God spoke to His first people, Adam and Eve, and He spoke to Noah and Abraham, to Moses, to the kings of Judah and Israel, and to the prophets.
And He speaks to you today.
God's Words are real, and they are full of His Love, wisdom, and direction. A Year With God is a 365-day revelation of God's divine character through His actual words, along with reflections and insights to increase your understanding. You'll discover the context of God's words spoken in the Old Testament- and what they mean for you and your life.
Arranged by topic, A Year With God highlights God's words to His people. In reading what God actually said, you can know what really matters to Him and you. It's a pure, simple and lasting way to connect your heart with God's and become more like Him everyday

Which is what we are to strive to do as Christian. According to His Word.
From beginning to end, this devotional book was thought provoking and educational. Every page had a chunk of scripture with an explanation of the scripture and how to intertwine the scripture into our daily lives. It then was summarized at the end in a few simple to understand and sometimes very though provoking sentences such as, " We can't embrace lies and expect to discern the truth when we here it." (from page 97) I highlighted so many of the pages in this book it's almost as bad as my own Bible!
The only thing I wasn't big on was that the author didn't include both Testaments. But that isn't a big deal for me because on the flip side, that showed just how much there is ans was to learn from the old testament if there was a years worth to learn from it!
I looked forward to reading this devotional book everyday.  I couldn't wait to get back to reading it. Every chance I had my nose was in it and I absolutely love books like that:) I was sad when the book ended and wished there were more days in the year so I had more to read.
I highly recommend  this devotional read. I really enjoyed it and felt blessed to be able to read it and experience it. I can only hope more people will read this and I hope they get as much from it as I did. This is one of those devotionals that I will continue to rave about for a long time.

                                     I received my review copy from I was not required to write a positive review.

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