Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Beginnings 9/1/10

Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading)
To remind you of the way this works, here’s how to play:
First — post your list of New Years’ Resolutions in a post at your blog (or in the comments here, if you don’t have a blog).
Second — every week, on Wednesday, write a new post about how you’re doing with each of your goals … you’ll have to list them, again, each week, as people won’t remember what you’re working towards, otherwise. Be brief in your updates, as there may be several blogs to visit! ((come give a quick update here at Should Be Reading, if you don’t have a blog)).
Third — after you’ve written your update, come back to Should Be Reading, and share your link so that we –the other New Beginnings participants– can stop by your blog and encourage you!
Important! … It would be absolutely great if you could visit at least ONE other participant’s blog on Wednesdays and leave a comment on their post to share some encouragement for their efforts! Show your support! That’s what this event is all about — standing by each other to finally reach our goals!
Here is mine:

Read the Bible in a year...
I haven't read in a while but now I am back on track with my devotions and Bible reading. I don't know why I keep slipping with that. I love and fully enjoy reading The Word. I really do. I guess I just get busy and side tract....

Lose 10-15 lbs...
Remember how I said "if the scale is correct I was down to 120 but wanted to lose a few more pounds. I did the exact opposite. I apparently gained a few more pounds. So I am near 125. I don' want to go to my weight before my first pregnancy of a whopping 100 lbs but at the same time, that's where all my clothes are at! And I don't have a whole lot of cash to get more with. I am still wearing my maternity clothes (kinda embarrassing but they are cute:) Anyways...

Tone Up...
I tried a new workout routine a few days ago and wow it works.  I actually have to lighten up on it a little bit because my legs and behind were killing me. I love that it works though and I felt the burn and the affects.:):)

Get my family (my hubby and I) completely out of debt...
Hubby found a new job and starts on the 4th. We're getting there:)

Finish college and get my teaching/education degree..
I will worry about that when we are more financially secure and ready. Maybe When Abigail is in school...?
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