Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise by Ta`Mara Hanscom **Review**

 The Pretender

Despite just meeting each other, Tillie and Noah's lives have been mysteriously intertwined for many years in Ta'Mara Hanscom's The Pretender. From the moment they met, Tillie and Noah wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but a deliberate omission will keep them apart-and that same omission will be responsible for the escape of a murderer, and a bride's deception.

My Jean-Marc’s uncle was married to an English woman, and she told us once, a very long time ago, that in this world there are men of two kinds. The one, the knight, is the man possessing only strength and quality of moral character. He will never ask a lady to compromise her honor for less than a vow, and never, ever will he consider another once he has captured her heart. A knight keeps his vow, even when it hurts, and the honor of a knight is a thing a country is built upon. A knight comes along only seldom these days.

Now, a blackguard is a man who can be found quite easily, for it is an easy thing to be a blackguard. He attempts to trick the young ladies into taking him home and caring for him, making them believe their honor can be given away as a mere trifle, offering no vow, and making only human demands. The blackguard is to be avoided at all costs, for to settle for someone like him is to settle for something less than ideal.

In the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, Tillie Caselli promises to marry Noah Hansen. Theirs’ was a love intended to last, and their promises were never to be broken. But when there’s an illusion of unfaithfulness, the result is an error in judgment—an error that changes the course of lives.

Epic romance, global adventure, ethnic passion, and Christian values inspire this new series.

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For me, this one started out slow and I had to sort of force myself to keep going but...
I am glad I did turned into this sweet story about Tillie and Noah that was incredibly captivating. I went from trying not to put it down and forcing myself to continue to not being able to put it down and a lot of late nights in bed reading because I just had to know what was going to happen next! How was this scene going to play out? Is this really going to happen? The questions continued and so did the story so i continued my late nights :) The plot got so thick and was so good with the backdrop being 1975 South Dakota. I am just so glad that there is a second book coming!  

I highly recommend!

I received this book for free from LitFuse in exchange for an honest review. 

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