Tuesday, October 10, 2017

True East by Raymond Ahrens **Review**

True East
Katy Givens, thirty and brilliant, learns in a static-filled phone call that her husband Andrew is missing in the Amazon and possibly dead. Although still mourning the death of their infant son, Katy flies to Brazil in search of Andrew, discovering that the man she married has secrets. As the mysteries surrounding Andrew's disappearance mount, so does the list of shadowy forces benefitting from the recent discovery of oil in the Amazon.

Katy's field of genetic anthropology proves useful when accounts of the Unnamed Ones, a primitive and possibly pre-human tribe, are rumored to exist in the same valley as the oil reserves. Katy tracks Andrew through the jungle, deciphering riddles he left before disappearing. Along the way, she barters with a Jewish coin merchant, challenges chance with a fortune teller, and argues the merits of prayer with a Jesuit priest, before placing her faith with the indigenous Tadi.

This read isn't/wasn't in my typical genre's that I read. That said, I am glad I gave this book an honest shot because I really enjoyed the book as a whole. This book really does cover an expanded array of topics that I wouldn't normally choose to pick up to read about. Not because I don't have an interest in reading about them but I am more of a keep-me-on-my-toes kind of reader. This made me delve into another set of thinking skills I don't normally use in my reading-because-I-want-to-read side. This read was complicated, smart, intriguing, and all around not your typical twisty-suspenseful read.  Katy is super smart, quick on her feet, witty, and most definitely not your typical woman searching for her lost husband. You do need to pay attention to the story while reading it otherwise you will most likely get lost or confused and have to re-read parts to get re-centered but it is a good read that I would recommend. 

                                     I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from the author. 

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