Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Monday and I'm Back!

So my last post was about how my mother-in-law called me oh-so-early and my morning went from slow and lazy and no pressure to "oh my gosh I have to do this and this and this and oh I gotta do this before we leave!" Don't get me wrong.  I was happy to go; I haven't been to Leavenworth, WA in a few years. AND I have never been to Leavenworth during this time of year. 

My family and I always go in December for the tree lighting and live nativity and all the other events and fun things. So it was a new adventure for me. Plus, this time I had my daughter with me. We had so much fun but I got a big disappointment when we got to Leavenworth and after taking a few pictures I told my Hubby (Robert) that I wanted to get a couple of pictures of us three (the family picture of course), daddy/daughter pictures, mommy/daughter pictures and Hubby and me pictures. 

...So....we start scouting out areas to take pictures then we were going to go to The Hat Shop (always the most popular) but when we got to a good spot, we got into position to take the picture, I turn the camera on, and it flashed low battery and turned itself back off!! I just charged the batteries last night! This cannot be happening!

So I was hoping to have a camera ful of memories to put in frames and Abigail's baby book but...

I do have pictures just not as many as I had thought I'd get or the pictures I really wanted. I wasn't able to get online or do hardly any reading. The reading is what really killed me though. And no I can't read it cars (I wish!) I get headaches and nauseous. otherwise I would have gotten about four hours of reading in. And I tried doing the whole mind -over- matter. Nope.

But on the flip side, their was a great used book sale going on. Even had a four or five boxes of books and cassettes marked 'free'. The deal with the book sale was you purchased the bag for $1 and put whatever you wanted in it, minus the free stuff because well; that's free. So, my hubby and I agreed we would share a bag (the horror! ;) so here I was looking at all the tables of books and I'm thinking I'm in heaven then he said that and then my mind went to how I would tetrix the bag of books to fit as many as I could. I ended up walking out with  four books:
  • Heaven Lake a novel by John Dalton
  • Undertow by Sydney Bauer (Sounded so very familiar and I wasn't sure why. I looked it up on GoodReads and discovered I had checked it out at the library a while back but never had the chance to read it:)
  • Bad Boy a novel by Olivia Goldsmith (remember the movie The First Wives Club? That was a novel first (I didn't know that but I Love Love Love the movie) by Olivia Goldsmith as well-and if I enjoyed the movie so much, why wouldn't I enjoy her other wrok? I'm excited about this read).
  • The Midnight Club a novel by James Patterson (love him! :)
I was hoping to walk out with more books (obviously but the bag was getting full ( hubby got a computer game that was a trio set and a few books as well) and we were getting on the hungry side (darn hunger gettin in the way...;)

I'll have a couple pictures up later (they're pretty boring and lame. Mostly of the apple orchards, the water and the mountains.

All in all I think we had a lot of fun and I can't way to get back up there in December when Abigail will get to expiernce the snow (we don't typically get snow in Kirkland (Seattle, WA) so we go to the mountains to get it. That'll be a lot of fun:))

What did you guys do this past weekend?

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