Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deadly Plunge by Greg Messel REVIEW

Deadly Plunge

Former baseball player and newly-minted private investigator, Sam Slater is hired to find out why a rich, politically-well connected San Francisco man, Arthur Bolender,  suddenly ended his life by plunging off of the Golden Gate Bridge. All those who know Arthur say unequivocally that he did not commit suicide.  However, Bolender's body was found floating in San Francisco Bay and his car was abandoned in the traffic lane of the bridge.  Meanwhile, Sam's romance with glamorous TWA stewardess Amelia Ryan continues to blossom and deepen. She is now his secret fiancee. Amelia also eagerly helps Sam solve his cases when she's in town. The key to unraveling the mystery seems to be a strange old Victorian-style house. Bolender's widow, a rich, seductive socialite named Maggie Bolender, was not even aware that her husband owned the house. What is really going on behind the doors of the mysterious house?  Finding the answers will plunge Sam and Amelia into a dangerous world of political intrigue in the exciting sequel to "Last of the Seals.

Since reading The Illusion of Certainty, which was my first book by Greg Messel, I have fallen in love with his writing and am always happy to read/reviews his books. Deadly Plunge was of course no different. The plot was nice and thick with a couple of juicy twist I didn't see coming.
When I first read about Arthur Bolender ' committing suicide' off of the Golden Gate Bridge, I had two thoughts. First being that realistically the Golden Gate Bridge is a very popular place people have gone to to commit suicide. But Arthur wasn't suicidal. So that confused me. Hence one of the twists...
His sexy and not so sad widow hires a PI, Sam Slater to investigate.
Last of the SealsSam, who met and fell in love with stewardess Amelia Ryan plan to marry- in secret...if Sam survives this investigation.

Deadly Plunge is the second in Greg Messel's Sam Slater mystery series. The first being The Last of The Seals. The novels are set in San Francisco in the late 1950s and are vividly descriptive of the
time and place.
I look forward to the next installment of this series to see what happens between Amelia and Sam :)


                                                                      I received this book from Pump Up Your Book for Review