Monday, January 13, 2014

Life and Books!

crayonfreckles: it's back to school time.... for momma: 5 tips to juggle time from @Andie Jaye (crayon freckles)

I meant to post closer to last year, but...well life got in the way. Last year my reviewing and luxury reading slowed down and I became a little too invested in other things but I truly have missed being on the blogosphere. I get such joy from getting my thoughts out from a book I read, par taking in memes, going to other blogs and reading their posts and responses to memes, taking rabbit trails and finding new blogs and books I want to read.

I started going to online school about 7-8 months ago. I didn't realize (that sounds dumb, I know ;) how much of my time would be taken up from school work. In the around eight months I have been in school, I have moved, got my girl in school (her first year in school, she's four :), and am looking to spread out my wings in other areas. But I realized that I miss being on my blog and hanging out with you guys. So even though people may or may not have noticed my absence...I'm back! ;)
I'm back! (: -Elle