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It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading!  This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!
I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme. **You do not need to have a blog to participate**

This week I was hoping to participate in the Dewey Read a Thon, I have for two years now, but this year, on that day I was..BUSY. I got home at a decent hour...sat to read, even read a few pages. Until the sentences no longer made sense. I gave up. I was worn out. 

This past week I read and reviewed Pulled by Amy Lichtenhan 
Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine's Guide to Life and LoveAs well as a blurb on the book
The Parchment Society's (book club) April read: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
I made a sticky post (more like an fyi) about the author of Fifty Shades of Grey and her books)

The Mother RoadMaking Life Matter: Embracing the Joy in the EverydayThis month, The Parchment Society is reading two books because the first book is thin. So we are reading Dear Jane Austen by Patrice Hannon as well as Pride and Prejudice by (I laugh at the irony of this) Jane Austen. The first book was pre-decided. The second book won by vote. Funny how that worked out.
I am also reading Making Life Matter by Shane Stanford and The Mother Road by Jennifer Allee

And that's my week! And Thank you all who sent me encouragement and nice thoughts during the what I call tough week after my mother got out of the hospital. I appreciate all that was said:)  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pulled by A. L. Jackson REVIEW

Melanie Winters and Daniel Montgomery shared a love they believed bonded them together for life. After the tragic loss of their daughter, overwhelming grief and misguided guilt distorts the truth, and their relationship ends in unanswered questions.

For nine years, they drift through life, each unable to forget the one who holds their heart.

Now, when their lives again intersect, will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past?

Pulled is a story of attraction and separation, of destiny and duty, of a love so strong it refuses to give up even when all others have.

Let me start off by saying this; the title is very fitting for this book. Because it does pull you in. The Author writes a love story that is very sweet, hard to come by, I'm sure everyone who hasn't had this connection with their true love had or will get this connection, this chance at this special bond with their true love.
This love story is told from the viewpoint of Daniel and Melonie. The two teenagers who meet and quickly fall in love....things seem to be going great..then she winds up pregnant. Just as Melonie agrees with Daniel that they need to tell her father, they get into a bad car accident. Melonie's mother comes to town ( divorced parents ) and tells Melonie either come home with me or your father and I will press charges against Daniel. Melonie doesn't tell this little piece of information to Daniel but promises to be back in a few months after she is eighteen. A few months turn into nine years. They meet unexpectedly at a businesses dinner. And oh the story really heats up and at this point in the story, just when the excitement gets thick, how can you put this book down?? Especially when I got to the business dinner, I couldn't finish this story in one sitting. I was a little disappointed that I figured out the business dinner and what Vanessa would do before it happened, but then again, I tried and about half the time succeeded with the Nancy Drew Series. It bewildered me how they both spoke about their strong bond and and unspoken communication and how well they knew each other yet for nine years they both thought the complete opposite of what was true about the other. They didn't think horribly about the other but they also thought they were both to blame and not good enough for the other.
And with how much thought both missed each other and thought of the other and how much pain they both were in, how did they last 9 years without looking for the other? Afraid of what they might find?
 As the story unfolded I still kept wondering, why didn't she go back?? Why did they end communication?
This story makes you continue reading not so much to find out what happens next because the plot was pretty easy to figure out, with a few wrenches thrown into the mix...that isn't to say anything bad about the author or book itself because the book was very good but you keep reading to get your questions answered. To put the puzzle pieces back together. I liked that about this book.
I really enjoyed this book and only wish I had a paper copy on hand to have a few family members and friends read. I am thinking of adding this book to my book clubs must-read list:) I am now keeping an eye out for more of her books))

Pulled by A. L. Jackson Blurb

Melanie Winters and Daniel Montgomery shared a love they believed bonded them together for life. After the tragic loss of their daughter, overwhelming grief and misguided guilt distorts the truth, and their relationship ends in unanswered questions.

For nine years, they drift through life, each unable to forget the one who holds their heart.

Now, when their lives again intersect, will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past?

Pulled is a story of attraction and separation, of destiny and duty, of a love so strong it refuses to give up even when all others have.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WWW Wednesday

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading? 
• What do you think you’ll read next?

 I recently finished reading:

Daddy's Home by A. K. Alexander
The Lover and the Madman by Joe K.
Life in Death by Harlow Coban w/ Giveaway

I am currently reading:

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (April choice for my book club)
Pulled by Amy Lichtenhan
Executive Actions by Gary Grossman
Executive Treason by Gary Grossman

I am going to read:

Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine's Guide to Life and Love by Patrice Hannon (May choice for book club)
Besides that, not too sure. But I am sure that will change.

What was your latest greatest read?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. Grey

I was on yahoo when I saw the news caption Mom behind steamy best-seller speaks out:
The British author reveals how "Fifty Shades of Grey" skyrocketed from fan fiction to sensation...If you love this series or don't know a whole lot about it or want to read it...whatever the case may be, you'll want to read the article and watch the interview with this steamy author.

Yahoo video of first  author interview with E. L. Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading!  This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!
I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme. **You do not have to have a blog to participate!**

I feel as though my reading has taken a beating this past week even though I did do my idea with the slow cooker meals (which I did do three and one casserole). What got away from me this week was school for my daughter. I thought I had a few more years to worry about that. Nope. I was wrong. But being a first time parent, being a parent period, you aren't given a guide with that child. And even though my daughter will be three in September, I want to get her enrolled in head start and use it as it is called. A Head start in her education. So I have been busy looking at the different schools for her age. I don't want a daycare; I can watch my own child. I want her to go to head start and preschool. One of the big things for me is she will get to play and interact with other kids her age. She is an only child. She gets that once a week at Sunday school but that isn't nearly enough. So ANYWAY, that pretty much took over my week. But I have narrowed it down to two places.  Should know which school by the end of the week:). It's funny though, this entire week I have felt like an I Love Lucy episode when little Ricky goes to school and Lucy says I'm losing my baby! Today preschool tomorrow college then he'll get married and I'll never see him again! Seriously..where did the time go???

Anyway, back to books....
This past week I did an author chat with Amber Lee Easton who is the author of Kiss Me Slowly.
I also finished reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, The Parchment Society's read for April.
I am still reading Executive Treason and Executive Actions by Gary Grossman, both political thrillers with a touch of spy/FBI. I am about halfway through each one and both are so hard to put down! I haven't done political thrillers in a while and forgot how much I enjoy them!
I am still reading Pulled by Amy Lichtenhan...Very good so far:) If you like romantic suspense with a little mystery, this is for you:)
I hope to finish all three books by the end of the week as well as get started on my book clubs May read Dear Jane Austen: A Heroin's Guide to Life and Love by Patrice Hannon. I am also hoping to get started on Making Life Matter by Shane Stanford (for review) 

How did/do you handle your first (and second, third, fourth, etc) child going to school for the first time?

Have a great reading week all! Hope you all had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Author Chat With Amber Lea Easton - Author of Kiss Me Slowly

Please welcome the very talented writer Amber Lea Easton!!!

Q.  How long have you been writing?

A. Fiction writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I wrote my first completed manuscript when I was 9 years old.  It was a horror novel, 80 pages long, filled with blood and gore where no one survived.  I still have it on my desk in its red binder.  Puberty hit and I started writing romance novels in tablets.  I’d pass them around on the school bus and during study hall.  I majored in Communications/Journalism and worked as a journalist until I quit to stay home after my youngest child was born.  That’s when I decided to turn my passion into a reality.

Q.  How do story ideas come to you?

A.  The characters come to me first.  I get an idea for a character, see them in my mind’s eye, know what they’re about, understand their motivations and write a character sketch.  Once I have the two main characters clear in my mind, the story clicks into place naturally.   

Q.  Do you outline the plot?
A. No, I simply begin writing and allow the story to unfold.  Sometimes that strategy takes me on twists and turns I don’t anticipate, but that’s part of the fun of being an author.   Revisions are key for me as far as making sure the plot’s pacing is well-done and that all story lines are wrapped up. 

 Q. What inspires you as an author?

A. People inspire me.  I am a perpetual student of humanity.  I enjoy meeting new people, listening to their stories, watching social interactions and being open to new points of view. 

Q.  What’s your typical writing day like?
A. The only thing disciplined about my day is that I write a minimum of 4 hours every day, but usually it ends up being around 6 hours.  Whether I’m splitting that up between 10AM to 2PM and then going back to it from 11PM to 1AM or working straight from 9AM to 3PM, depends on what my day looks like.  As a widowed mom of two active teens, freedom to be fluid around my life is the biggest advantage to being a writer. 

Q. Outside of writing, what do you do for fun?

A. Well, my new hobby is belly dancing.  I started a class in February and am loving it.  It’s teaching me to appreciate my body for what it is, not some fantasy ideal of what I’d like it to be. Outside of that, I like just about anything that gets me out of the house, whether it’s going to the movies, socializing with friends, heading out to a rock concert, watching my kids play sports, attending a play or cheering at a hockey game.  I’m also passionate about traveling, with and without the kids. 
Q. Who were the biggest influences on you as a writer?
A. I had great teachers growing up who recognized my natural passion and pushed me to challenge myself.  From my high school teachers to my college professors, I consistently learned to go outside my comfort zone and never settle for mediocre.  Ill forever be grateful to them.  I hope Im passing on those lessons to my own children.  
Q.  Who are some of your favorite authors, both fiction and non-fiction?
A.  I respect and admire Jennifer Cruise, Heather Graham, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Anne Tyler, David Sedaris, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and Jill Bolte Taylor...just to name a few.
Q.  Do you do a lot of reading for pleasure or does it feel more like work these days?
A.  Yes and no--just to be confusing in my answer.  I go through phases where all I do is read, one book right after another.  Then there are times when I need to give my brain a break so I seek out a good movie.  I also think movies are great examples of pacing and dialogue--so I guess I'm still 'sort of' working when I'm there. 


Amber Lea Easton grew up in Hartford, South Dakota, where she spent her time daydreaming of big adventures over the horizon under a giant blue South Dakota sky. Now living in Colorado, she is an avid traveler who incorporates her real life travels into her novels as much as possible (minus the illegal activities her characters become immersed in--she swears). To her, setting is another character in the novel and often serves as an inspiration. Although she is a romantic suspense author, she's an avid reader of all genres or "whatever turns her on in the moment". Love is her motivation for all things--whether it be writing, traveling, playing with her dogs or hanging with her two teenagers--if it's not done with love, then what's the point?

To stay up to date with Amber Lea Easton's new releases and events, check out her website at, subscribe to her author blog at or email her at Follow her on Twitter as @MtnMoxieGirl or on Facebook.

Kiss Me Slowly by Amber Lea Easton Book Feature

Title:  Kiss Me Slowly

Author:  Amber Lea Easton


Length:  315 Pages

Genres:  Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Trapped in a set-up that could have him in jail or dead by Monday, Jonathan Alexander trusts no one in his inner circle. It’s Saturday. His only hope is Grace Dupont, the best forensic accountant in Miami. But there’s a glitch with that idea. She’s also his ex-girlfriend who'd rather watch him drown than throw him a life vest. Going to her feels desperate…because he is.

Grace enjoys seeing Jonathan squirm. On your knees boy, she thinks as he pitches for her help. Always a sucker for the dark-haired-blue-eyed boys, she risks her precariously balanced life of secrets to help him. Helping him slaps a target on her back–she’s the key to proving his innocence and that’s a bad, bad thing.

Tangled up in a whirlwind of conspiracy, murder, million dollar money trails and diamond smuggling, Jonathan and Grace flee to the sea to stall for time to prove his innocence. Romance sizzles beneath Florida Keys’ sunshine. Both scoff at happy endings. Both doubt justice. Both know each kiss could be their last.


He was beyond pissed at this guy’s audacity. His perpetual shadow leaned against the front of a closed dress shop, Panama hat pulled over his eyes, arms folded across his chest, and watched the office door without trying to hide in any way. “Look at him standing there, not even bothering to hide.” 

 “He’s been skulking around here all day. I think he’s harmless.” 
“He’s following you now? That can’t be good.” He pulled her closer to his chest and into the shadow of the entrance.

 When she sighed, her breasts heaved against his arm. He cursed every inappropriate thought that rushed through his mind. No time for sex with an ex. This situation didn’t exactly scream romance. 

 “You weren’t kidding about being trapped in some B movie, were you?” She twisted against him in an attempt to break free of his hold. 
“Stop it.” All of her gyrating distracted him from Panama Hat Man. 
He broke off his words when she bent his wrist backward until he thought it would break. Cursing under his breath, he released her and rubbed the pain in his left hand.

She stalked across the street toward the man, slippers slapping against the pavement, hips swaying beneath the thin cotton dress that skimmed her thighs, and hair bouncing against her bare back. 
He would have chased her even if she weren’t potentially following a psychopath. 

 Panama Hat Man walked toward the beach, his stride quickening with their approach. 
“Wait. Stop. I need to talk to you.” She disappeared down the path leading between the buildings to the beach. 
“Grace, come back here.” He jogged toward the path, panic just a breath away from consuming him. He glanced over his shoulder as he ran, conscious of the unlocked building but concerned about Grace’s safety.

 Night slowly overtook twilight. Lights from the sidewalk cafes and bars illuminated the street at their backs. Only a handful of people strolled the beach at the waterline in the distance. He watched her jog over the sand, getting further away from the streetlights. 

 Panama Hat Man disappeared. 

“This is a bad idea, Grace,” he said when he caught up to her.
“This whole thing is a bad idea. I don’t need this drama.” She shouted the words over her shoulder as she paused to yank the slippers from her feet. “I quit. Done. Finito.”
“And you think I do?” He grabbed her elbow. “I don’t want you to quit, just stop following this guy. You could be walking into a trap. Maybe he wants you to follow him, ever think of that?”
Of all the qualities she had to retain as an adult, it had to be recklessness. So much for the sophisticated, calm, I-have-it-all-together fa├žade. 
A piercing pop sliced through the air. Sand exploded at their feet. Another shot—definitely gunfire. 
He pressed her to the ground as another shot went off. His hands covered her head while his body shielded hers. A brief scan of the horizon showed nothing except sand, strangers running in the opposite direction of the shoreline, and the blackness of the ocean. 

 “He’s shooting at us?” she asked against his neck, hands fisted in the material of his shirt. 
“Still think I’m paranoid?” he asked against her forehead. 
“I quit, I really do quit.” Her nails sank into his shoulder as she clung to him. 
Another pop sliced the air. Strangers screamed. Someone yelled for the police.
Searing pain ripped through his left shoulder. Rolling from her, he half crawled, half pulled her further into the darkness and in the opposite direction of the Panama Hat Man. 
He kept his head down and tugged her away from the lights. 

“You think you’re being followed so you drag me into it, thanks a lot.” She stumbled in the sand next to him, bringing him down with her. “Brilliant plan.”
In one move, he hauled her to his side and ran until they stood in the shadows beneath a lifeguard tower. Chest heaving, he shoved his hands through her hair. 
“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked, gaze scanning her for any sign of injury. 
“Stop touching me.” She slapped his hands away, eyes snapping with fire. “My life was complicated enough, Jon Ryan. I didn’t need you making it worse. Damn you.”
“You had to follow the guy, didn’t you?” Rage at the situation at large zeroed in on her. “For being a so-called genius, that was an idiot move.”
She punched him in the shoulder. “Who is this guy? Why is he shooting at us? 
Pain ripped through his left arm and burned down his back. Sharp, burning pain. “If I knew the guy, I’d kick his ass. Stop hitting me.”
She held her fist up to her face and studied the blood that stained her fingers. “You’ve been shot,” she repeated several times before lifting her gaze to his. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were shot?” 

 “I didn’t know.” He rested the back of his head against the stilt in the shadows of the lifeguard stand. He needed clarity. This entire situation had escalated far beyond his scope of comprehension. None of it made sense. 
“How do you not know that you’ve been shot?” She rubbed the blood from her hand over the front of his shirt while looking down the beach and toward the shadows with extra-wide eyes. “I lost my slippers. They’ll look weird on the beach, won’t they? Not many people live on this block, especially not so close. The police will make the connection.” Eyes overly wide and chest heaving beneath the thin cotton material, she pressed her hand against his arm and stared up at him. “Jonathan, we’re out of time.”
Coldness seeped through his bones. Someone had shot him, but he knew instinctively that Grace had been the target. She had the ability to prove his innocence. Someone wanted her out of the picture. 


“You have blood on your dress.” He fingered the strap in question that had slipped off her shoulder. “You should probably take it off.”

“Careful. We can’t go there.” Sand clung to her neck and stuck to the tangles in her hair. The light from the bedside lamp shadowed her face.
“I meant change out of it, not…well, maybe I meant take it off. But then we’d be crossing lines that you don’t want to cross.” He let his fingers trail down her arm. “That would be wrong. Terribly wrong.”
“You are nothing but trouble.”
“You always liked trouble.” He rested his right palm against the bed, supporting his weight on his healthy arm.
“Listen carefully to me.” She pressed her finger against his lips. “I’m high on adrenaline, we’re alone, no witnesses, no regrets. One kiss won’t hurt anyone.”
“No witnesses, no regrets…” Heat flooded his veins. “Adrenaline…”
“If I don’t do this now, I’ll hate myself in the morning.”
“You mean you’ll regret it when they lock me up in the morning and throw away the key because you didn’t kiss me one last time?”
“Exactly.” She straddled his lap.
“You weren’t supposed to agree.” He smiled despite the circumstances.
“Shut up, sailor boy. Kiss me.”
She kissed him as if savoring the taste. Her hair fell forward, locking them in a caramel-colored veil of intimacy. Eyes open, they stared at each other as their lips moved against each other’s.
His hands slid up her long thighs, over her panties and pressed against the smoothness of her back. Every stroke of her lips against his awakened pure need in his veins. He no longer cared about what was right or wrong. All he wanted was her mouth on his, his hands on her body and her skin against his.

 With a quick yank, she pulled her dress over her head. Breasts bared, she pressed him down on the bed and laughed against his mouth. “This is crossing all kinds of boundaries and breaking every rule I can think of.”
“Just like the old days.” He smiled against her lips. His hands moved over her bared breasts. The pain in his shoulder failed to slow him down. He didn’t know who groaned or if they both did, but the sensation of her flesh filling his palms trumped common sense.
Her bare foot slid over his leg, hands curled into his hair, and body flattened against his. All the anger, the terror and confusion poured from him as he deepened the kiss with an urgency that bordered on desperation. The silky warmth of her mouth erased his pain. Kissing her felt like coming home from an exhausting, lonely journey.

 “A kiss…that’s all I wanted,” she muttered against his chin. A shiver quaked through her body when she sighed.
“I want more.”
“Impossible. We can’t.”
“We can do whatever the hell we want, Grace.” Despite the burning pain in his left shoulder, he maneuvered so that his body covered hers. He wanted more than a kiss. He wanted more heat.


Barnes and Noble:


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It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading, Easter Addition!  This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!
I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme. 
**You do not have to have a blog to participate!**

I actually did not complete any books this week. Mainly because we are staying with my mother short term as she had surgery and needs to be taken cared for. I have been very busy this week taking on her responsibilities  (her household chores, her share of the cooking, shopping, etc.) and every night this week I sit down on the couch or lay in bed get one of my latest reads and promptly pass out. I am hoping this week will be better with a bit of strategy. Crock Pot meals, and taking preparing meals ahead of time. 

This past Saturday my book club The Parchment Society got together and reviewed The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. Review to come probably later today...I will tell you this though, there were mixed feelings...

 This month though, The Parchment Society is reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

I am also reading Pulled by Amy Lichtenhan for review as well as Kiss me slowly by Amber Lea Easton. I think I mentioned these reads as my last week reads but since I didn't get anything read last week... 

After this past week I am so looking forward to getting in some good reading time:D That sounds so good:))

Do you have any suggestions for books that make for great book discussions among groups?

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It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?
This great meme is hosted by BookJourney(  This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!
I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme.
**You do not have to have a blog to participate!**

I think I did well in what I accomplished recently. I enjoyed for the most part what I read, and I am looking forward to what I am reading this week. I hope to take it slow at some point and get started on some of my books on my shelf that are calling my name as well as the books from the library that are on my nightstand...

I read and reviewed a book Daddy's Home by A. K. Alexander (click here to read the review)

I read and reviewed The Lover and The Madman by Joe K. (review)

I did three, yes three(one, two, three) well two book features and a blurb...different book features along with a review and giveaway for Life in Death by Harlow Coban 

I also read and reviewed The Priest and the Peaches. I really liked The Priest and the Peaches and am really looking forward to the next book:)

Also, my book group, The Parchment Society read The Postmistress by Sarah Blake this past month (review will be up later)..Gotta say, I love the cover to The Postmistress!

This week I will now be reading

PulledPulled by Amy Lichtenhan for review
Kiss Me Slowly by Amber Lea Easton for review
And this months read for The Parchment Society is
The White QueenThe White Queen by Philippa Gregory. I am really looking forward to all three but especially my book group read:))

Kiss Me SlowlyAnd that is all for this week. Pretty light this week which is a good this because Hubby and I are staying with my mother for a couple weeks since she is having  surgery in a couple days so between taking care of her and the house and my daughter, my days will be plenty full so by days end I will be saying yes to a coffee and reading break:)

Have you read any of these book? Which one(s) sticks out to you the most?

Happy reading week everyone!

Daddy's Home by A. K. Alexander REVIEW

A calculating and deadly killer is in search for what he terms as his perfect family. Preying upon single mothers and their innocent children, the police have dubbed him "The Family Man.

He plays out his role as the perfect father. When things don't go so perfect in his insane fantasy world, the family man kills.

Crime Scene Investigator Holly Jennings of the San Diego Police Department is determined to track him down and see that justice is served. With Holly being a single mother herself, this man's crimes are deeply personal to her, and turn more so when a friend and her daughter become the latest victims of The Family Man."

Along with tracking an evil killer, Holly is dealing with her own internal demons. She is raising her daughter Chloe alone after the death of her husband--a death she feels guilty for.

To complicate her life further, Holly is doing her best to avoid possibly falling in love again with charming veterinarian Brendan O'Neil. As Holly delves deeper into solving the murders, she finds herself being sucked into a game of cat and mouse by "The Family Man," that may lead her down a dark path too horrible to bear. One that may cost her gravely-her family, her new found love, and even her life

First off, I loved the cover.
Yes, my name is Elisha and I am a book cover snob.
“Hi, Elisha”
From the beginning of this book, the first page…it grips you. It grips you in the fact that it has a good suspenseful start that is a little slow but the author gives you just enough of the storyline with some hints as to who the murderer is while slowly unfolding Holly’s past in each chapter that you have to keep reading to find out what happens next. I loved that. If you have the patience for a murder mystery that seems slow but in actuality the author is taking their time in telling the story instead of speeding through it. I think that is a smart way to write a book.
I liked Holly’s character. I think it was smart to make her a mother in this book because that explains why she took on a personal vendetta against this serial killer. What I didn’t like about Holly was the constant talk, whether to herself to out loud, was the attitude of ‘I’m a woman so I have to work that much harder’…That got old for me. I did like her personality. She is very smart, independent, responsible and very protective over her daughter; which is easy to understand in her line of work, especially when you learn about her past.
Also, I understand that a man or woman can run into a coworker or boss that gives constant sexual ribbing; whether meant nice or not; still not appropriate. I also know that it does happen when a man or a woman, though it does appear to happen more often for women, has to work that much harder because they are a man or a woman.  I just felt that it was in the book too much.
The author gave great detail. It just became too much detail for me when it came to the crime scenes. A bit graphic; for me personally. But I still have a hard time watching Jurassic Park.
All in all, I loved how the story unfolded. The characters were well developed, likeable and believable.  I would recommend this book to read and I do plan on reading it again.

I received this book for review from Pump Up Your Book

Click Here to by the book at Amazon


I started writing when I was nine-years-old. I used to write short stories on my dad’s notepads. One day he read one and he said to me, “You are a writer.” It stuck. My dad is still my biggest supporter and he is also my mentor in many ways. I went to college at The University of Southern California. My parents though didn’t think that “creative writing” at USC was a major that would likely be lucrative in the long run, so I figured I would be logical and look at writing in the journalistic field. God (the Universe), etc. had a different plan for me. Soon after I graduated from USC I gave birth to my first son. He was six weeks premature and he had some health issues, which caused me to decide that going into a career at that time would not benefit my son. So, I stayed home with him and I wrote my first book. That first book is tucked away in a box somewhere because it’s pretty darn bad, but it gave me the confidence I needed to know that I could start, write, and finish a book. From that point on, it took me twelve years to become a published author and several manuscripts. It has been a wonderful and amazing process, and although many challenges have presented themselves along the way, I have never quit writing. It is my passion!

My other passion is Horses. These amazing animals are very dear to my heart and I have been known to take in “strays.” My daughter and I are very active in the horse world. My daughter is involved in pony club and three day eventing.

You can visit her website at

I enjoy work with other writers when I can , especially kids. I designed a program for young writers to help them learn how to write short stories and picture books to writing complete novellas for older kids. I have mentored several students now and it’s a joyful experience to see young writers and their creative minds at work. It is something I am working on expanding with some local teachers in my area.

Family and friends are extremely important to me. I am the proud mother of three amazing kids who have always supported me and are just great, awesome human beings (yes, I know I sound like every mother in the world about their kids, but I really mean it). My husband is my best friend and a very patient man, which is a real positive—he is married to a writer after all. We also have three dogs, a kitty, and eight horses.

When not writing, riding, or being a taxi-cab driver for my youngest, I try to find time to do a little yoga, meditate or cooking. I love cookbooks and cooking!

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In celebration of A.K.’s new release, she will be giving away one paperback or e-copy of her book, Daddy’s Home, to any reader who follows the most blogs.  Also, those readers who sign up on her blog and for her newsletter during the tour will automatically receive sneak previews of books before they are released (up to 50 pages) via PDF!