Friday, June 15, 2012

The Claimed by Caridad Pineiro REVIEW

The Claimed

Victoria Johnson loves her life. She's her own boss in a quaint beach side town, and has great friends who keep her grounded. If only they knew who she really is: an heiress to an ancient race who possesses astonishing superhuman powers. It's Victoria's duty to restore her clan of Light Hunters to their former glory by choosing the perfect mate. In Christopher Sombrosa, she just may have found him. Strong, smart, and successful, Christopher exudes a powerful energy. Their connection is sensual, irresistible-and forbidden.

A member of the Shadow Hunter clan, Christopher has defied his own father to lead his people away from affliction and violence. Yet he cannot ignore his duty to carry on his ancient bloodline. Stunningly beautiful and brimming with an erotic life force, Victoria is everything Christopher ever hoped for in a mate . . . but as a Light Hunter, she's his mortal enemy. Together, they could unite their warring tribes. But murderous factions on both sides don't want peace-and they'll stop at nothing to keep light and darkness apart forever . .
***This is book 2 in the Sin Hunters Series***
*disclaimer* I tried it again...reading a book completely out of my genre...trying to expand my pallet...that said....
It was a bumpy start. I had a hard time getting into this story with all the sci fi / fantasy talk and theme. I didn't agree to reading this because of the hype of vampires etc, I think I have made it crystal clear, sci fi and fantasy...not my forte.  But I don't want to see seem like a square and not try new things or re-try genres because I think that at times like food, after a while you should try it again because your taste buds do change and you may surprise yourself and end up liking it.
Well, still not a fan of this particular writing, but that is not the authors fault though; Pineiro wrote a good story that flowed very well with a nice thick plot that didn't go exactly as I had thought (which I actually enjoyed because it threw me off guard but irritated me because I was wrong about where the story was going *razz*) and it had steamy romance which I expected since it is a paranormal romance.  A couple of the characters drove me nuts, especially Christopher's ex-fiance, Anaru (pretty name!). She so irritated me! She seemed to be a major backstabber and totally untrustworthy. Gotta throw that wrench in there;)
All in all for me, it was alright. But that is on me because as I said, this genre is not my cup of coffee.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love & War Devotional for Couples by John & Stasi Eldredge REVIEW

Love and War Devotional
Is your relationship with your spouse far from the union you’d hoped it would be? John and Stasi Eldredge know about the realities of marriage—and they know why it’s so important to take hold of the dreams you once had and see God fulfill them.

In this eight-week devotional, John and Stasi will guide you and your spouse to see God’s heart for your marriage more clearly. This life-changing guide includes new insights, encouraging Scriptures, and practical exercises that will help you develop a personal plan for a vibrant marriage.

As John and Stasi write, “We learn to love moment by moment. Day by day. Week by week. Our marriages grow and become what God intended and what we ultimately long for in the same way. We are, all of us, learning to love.”

When I saw this devotional book for review, I went for it. I have always enjoyed devotionals-mainly to help me stay focused on my relationship with Christ and so I don't forget to spend time with Him even with "a busy life" because we all know and (and face it) any and all relationships take work. And as much as we love and care about our spouse, still takes work. But this was the first devotional I have read about married couples doing a devotional, and together at that! And since I have been married a little over three years, I of course grabbed at the opportunity. My husband is not big on devotionals. He is big on reading but he is very picky about who he reads. At first it was a bit of a struggle to get him to do with me, but after the first few nights he was right there with me. I loved that everything in this devotional was backed up with scripture, including the prayer at the end of each devotional.
What I enjoyed about this book was that not only was it divided into an eight week "adventure" but each week had a different topic that went into depth for a week. Such as Week one is *Remembering What We Wanted; which was broken down into Romance Meets Reality, Recovering Desire, A Glorious Difficulty, etc* and Week eight which is entitled *The Most Excellent Way which gets broken into Healing,Forgiveness, Learning to Love, etc* (can't give them all away! ;)
When the book ended, it was bittersweet. We were proud we finished it together and enjoyed it. It shed light on problems one or both of us weren't aware of, helped one or both of us talk to the other about an issue(s). This book was very helpful and I/we strongly encourage other couples (married long time or not) to read this. You won't regret it.
We even went on a date to celebrate it!

I received this book from LitFuse Publicity-Blogging for Books

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Executive Treason by Gary Grossman REVIEW

Executive Treason
The secret terrorist organization that came within a heartbeat of installing its agent as President of the United States in Executive Actions is back with a new—and deadlier—plot to destabilize the U.S. government. It all begins with what appears to be a simple mugging and murder of a female White House staffer. Secret Service agent Scott Roarke discovers the truth: that the murder was committed by his secret nemesis, the mysterious assassin who had managed to always stay one step ahead of him during the presidential campaign. This time Roarke has found clues about the assassin’s past that give him the tools he needs to hunt the hunter, but the clues can only go so far. Roarke needs all his skill, and a huge amount of luck as well, if he’s going to catch his quarry.

I think I have said it before but, I have never been a big political thriller reader. I do enjoy John Grisham though. I read Executive Actions by Gary Grossman and after I read that book, I was hooked. I am so glad  I was able to read both books because I really don't like (no I don't have the patience and I will admit it!) reading a book in a series and having to wait six months or more for the next book to come out. So I was thrilled that after finishing Executive Actions I was able to jump right into Executive Treason. 
Grossman wrote these books so well,  at times it seemed a bit wordy and dragged on a bit but it wasn't enough to ruin the book or make it boring. 
What's funny about the time frame of me reading these two books was that I was also reading a few other books (I find myself in these predicaments often) so I figured I would read a few chapters at a time and so on with the other book...but I wasn't able to stop reading these books. I stayed up way too late reading Executive Treason...which shouldn't have surprised me since it was the same way while reading Executive Actions. 
I felt the book ended well but what I didn't like was that it seemed to start low then gradually speed up. Especially since I was revved up after finishing Executive Actions an was ready to jump back into the political actions.
All in all, I would totally recommend this book. And don't you just love that cover? 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Kindle Fire and a Scoop

So I was so excited to see an email that told me I won a Kindle Fire!!! I know, right?! So then I thought, maybe I should try to win one for my mother or hubby...who are both avid I googled Kindle Fire Giveaway and found Giveaway I just thought I would be nice and share that the contest is still going on with the link I provided:) 

So good luck-ish;) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy Moms Guide to Parenting Young Children by Paul C. Reisser, M. D.

Busy Mom's Guide To Parenting Young Children
With almost everything you need to know to care for your family available on the Internet or at the library these days, how do you sort through the wealth of information available? How do you narrow down your web search? And how many pages are in that reference guide? It can be overwhelming to look for specific information. Relax--we have the cure for the common search. The information you need is at your fingertips in the practical and easy-to-use "Busy Mom's Guide" series. Using a question-and-answer format, "Busy Mom's Guide to Parenting Young Children" takes you from birth through the "terrible twos" and into the tween years with tips on discipline, sleep patterns, potty training, sports involvement, and more. Tired already? Get energized and equipped for the journey with the quick reference material found inside, and look forward to the joy of growing with your child.Some content previously published in the Complete Guide's "Baby & Childcare."

I grew up with listening to James Dobson and Focus on the Family (Adventures in Odyssey:) and endorse both. So when I saw this book was written by Reisser; who works with Focus on the Family, I had to grab at the opportunity. Especially having a young child of my own:) This book is definitely more of a question and answer type book It is first set up in sections (the first three months, three to six months, six to twelve, etc.Then it goes to two, three and four year olds). The book starts off with Preparing yourself and your family which was great for starters. Because this chapters talks about before the child comes and what you may not of thought of to prepare. Like the type of birth you would like to have (Cesarian, home birth, hospital, no meds, etc). As for the other chapters dealing with infancy to four years of age, the information is so helpful. From potty training, to sleeping schedules, eating, how to deal with a picky eater, what to expect at medical check ups, calorie in take (younger children should have a few more then we might think since they burn them off so fast with playing, running, and their seemingly endless energy that I bet we all wish we could have!), separation and bedtime anxieties (have a routine set up so your child won't feel like it came out of nowhere but was ready for it so they can deal with it better.)
I read this book cover to cover and recommend it to all who are parents, expectant parents, and all who are involved with the child(s) on a day to day / daily basis.

I received this book for review from the Tyndale Blog Network

Monday, June 4, 2012

Executive Actions by Gary Grossman REVIEW

When an assassin takes aim at a presidential candidate during a primary stump speech, the outcome of the election is irrevocably changed. But it's not candidate Teddy Lodge, an upcoming media sweetheart, who is killed, but his wife. As a result, Lodge emerges as the man to beat and the greatest threat to the incumbent President Morgan Taylor. Under a specific directive from the President, Special Agent Scott Roarke delves into the case and begins to unravel a deadly plot that has incubated for more than thirty years, a plot designed to alter America's allegiances in the Middle East. From the very first page, Executive Actions culls events from today's headlines, blending them into a frightening scenario that is shockingly real.

I will say it again, I am not a big political thriller reader.  But I do enjoy some some John Grisham. So why did I agree/volunteer to read this? It sounded good and I am almost willing to read something new...just outside of my comfort zone. And isn't that a big reason why we do this? 

Anyway, I am so glad I did say yes to this book. I liked how the the story starts in the middle of a scene but as the story unfolds Grossman explains what's been going on as it is going on in a smooth uncomplicated simple way. The scenarios in this story are so real and believable...that's what drew me into this book initially. What kept me interested was all the questions and mystery and realism...what's going to happen now? I hope she doesn't fall for him...I hope he doesn't try his charms on that he really going to kill him? Oh no he didn't! 
The entire time while reading this these types of thoughts swamped me and I could not stop reading! Which surprised the heck out of me because I'm not a big political fiction or non fiction reader. Unless it's real life. So I surprised myself when I found myself plunging into this story. But a pleasant surprise. I sort of want to go out and buy a few more of these types of reads but I don't want to jinx myself either lol.
I did find the storyline a bit too easy to guess at times but at other times I was surprised to be totally wrong with the unexpected turn out of the scene. Grossman definitely kept the book fresh and tantalizing. 
I really want to say more but I would seriously give the book it.
I recommend this book, definitely. 

I received this book for review from Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours, Review by Molly

Summer Fit Learning, Pre-K by George Starks REVIEW

Summer Fit Learning, P-K through 4-5Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Learning’s series of educational bridge workbooks aims to prepare children mentally, physically and socially. Fitness is key to the process.
Research shows that students score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer than at the end of the school year, and are more likely to gain weight while on break. Many exercise experts believe children today are too sedentary, which is contributing to the excess weight in one-third of children in the United States. This has created a groundswell of interest in implementing a whole body approach to education in general while specifically getting kids more active during the summer.
The SUMMER FIT workbook series aims to create fun learning experiences to help children retain and carry over knowledge from the previous school year. Additionally, by presenting a “whole body” approach with lessons and activities that focus on the body and the brain, Summer Fit helps parents and children capitalize on the mental and social benefits of physical exercise. “Summer should be a time for children to step away from their computers and televisions and exercise their brains and bodies naturally,” says series creator George Starks. “Kids should reconnect with themselves, their families and their friends on a personal level. They should be outside playing, but also brushing up on academic skills from the previous year, or those that they may find more challenging than others. They should also read and apply other classroom skills in enjoyable and entertaining ways.”

I was part of this blog tour last year and love what it is all about and completely endorse it so when I was asked to do it again this year, I jumped at it. It's great because it gives you more one on one educational an fun time with your child. They keep the book fun, fresh and interesting. They also have an award to give out to your child(s). This way, even though it is summer break, they are still continuing to learn. And even for those parents who both work full time or for the single parent, it is easy to work in because it isn't hours a day like a full school day. I asked to do the Pre-K instead of the higher levels because I have an almost three year old. I have been doing other educational products and using other resources with her especially since her birthday is three days after the cut off period for kids going to school this year and to watch her as she flourished is very exciting. This was so fun for me to do with my daughter and seeing her get excited and proud of herself when she caught on to something or when she figured it out on her own was a proud moment and icing on the cake.
All in all, I completely recommend this product/book for all parents of kids in elementary school.

I received my copy of this book/product from Media Guests

About the Author:
George StarksGeorge Starks founded Summer Fit Learning in 2010 after leading the national bestselling Summer Bridge Activities workbook series for Rainbow Bridge Publishing for 10 years. After the company was sold to North Carolina-based publisher Carson-Dellosa, Starks continued to build and lead a new summer learning division for Carson-Dellosa for four years.
Starks believes that riding a bike and reading a book with a child this summer can make or break their school year. The espresso-making, bike-riding, educational publisher is the creator of the new Summer Fit™ workbook series. He would like nothing better than to inspire parents to put down their smartphones and computers long enough to
ride bikes, play at the park and read with their children this summer – some traditions should not be left behind.
Even as a young child, Starks was aware that mental and physical activity are interwinded. The two orientations – which Starks feels represents a balanced approach to learning – are missing in many homes today. Fortunately, they are being adopted by parents and teachers around the country who are taking notice of what researchers are saying about this "whole-body" approach.