Thursday, June 7, 2012

Executive Treason by Gary Grossman REVIEW

Executive Treason
The secret terrorist organization that came within a heartbeat of installing its agent as President of the United States in Executive Actions is back with a new—and deadlier—plot to destabilize the U.S. government. It all begins with what appears to be a simple mugging and murder of a female White House staffer. Secret Service agent Scott Roarke discovers the truth: that the murder was committed by his secret nemesis, the mysterious assassin who had managed to always stay one step ahead of him during the presidential campaign. This time Roarke has found clues about the assassin’s past that give him the tools he needs to hunt the hunter, but the clues can only go so far. Roarke needs all his skill, and a huge amount of luck as well, if he’s going to catch his quarry.

I think I have said it before but, I have never been a big political thriller reader. I do enjoy John Grisham though. I read Executive Actions by Gary Grossman and after I read that book, I was hooked. I am so glad  I was able to read both books because I really don't like (no I don't have the patience and I will admit it!) reading a book in a series and having to wait six months or more for the next book to come out. So I was thrilled that after finishing Executive Actions I was able to jump right into Executive Treason. 
Grossman wrote these books so well,  at times it seemed a bit wordy and dragged on a bit but it wasn't enough to ruin the book or make it boring. 
What's funny about the time frame of me reading these two books was that I was also reading a few other books (I find myself in these predicaments often) so I figured I would read a few chapters at a time and so on with the other book...but I wasn't able to stop reading these books. I stayed up way too late reading Executive Treason...which shouldn't have surprised me since it was the same way while reading Executive Actions. 
I felt the book ended well but what I didn't like was that it seemed to start low then gradually speed up. Especially since I was revved up after finishing Executive Actions an was ready to jump back into the political actions.
All in all, I would totally recommend this book. And don't you just love that cover? 

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