Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Action Alphabet by Esther Kehl REVIEW

Amazing Action Alphabet An amazing company, SeaHearDo has this really cool flip card book and sing-a-long CD for kids learning their alphabet. The author, Esther Kehl is a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist. She firmly believes in (hence the product) Seeing + Hearing + Doing = Learning. Which is so true.
Each flip card has a letter and an insect or animal in the shape of the letter and the other side has a story capitalizing on the letter. The sing-a-long CD sings each story from the back of the cards.
I said yes to reviewing this product because I have a two year old daughter, she loved both the book and the sing a long. She loved pointing out the pictures and loved listening to the sing a long during bath time and in the car.
I totally 100% support this product and recommend this to all parents, grandparents, care takers...anyone dealing with or who is around young kids. They will love the flip card book and CD.

Check out this interview with Esther Kehl

I received this product from MediaGuests

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