Friday, August 15, 2014

Sarah's Choice by Rebecca St. James REVIEW

Sarah's Choice

In Sarah Collins s mind, only one thing stands in the way of her success . . . an unborn baby.
Sarah is about to receive a promotion that will give her everything she s ever wanted: a huge pay increase, a new car, a fabulous apartment, and first-class travel.
But then she discovers she s pregnant. And while she "thinks "she loves her boyfriend, Matt, she isn't sure he s mature enough to be a responsible father. And the job she s pursuing is open only because the previous employee is out on maternity leave. Sarah would never be able to handle the travel as a single mom.
Torn between advice from her coworkers, the insistence of her mother and sister that she keep the baby, her insecurity about her relationship with Matt, and the void where her father should be, Sarah has no idea how to make this decision.
A Christmas card from a mysterious old woman is the catalyst for three visions of her future and just may be the miracle she needs. But can she trust the visions? Are they the yearnings of a conflicted heart? Or are they true visions from the God she thought had turned His back on her?

This was quite the interesting book. It starts off pretty interesting yet a little slow. Yet, not so slow that it doesn't pull you in. You feel bad for Sarah, because like many, she has financial problems that she is trying to get out of. And this promotion that she greatly deserves, is practically on her doorstep. Sarah is told by a colleague and friend that she has the promotion in the bag, which means a great pay. 
Yet, when Sarah is called into the meeting to discuss the promotion, her bosses and their assistants make you wonder, will she get the great pay? You find yourself becoming worried and frustrated for Sarah. 
Then another curve ball. Sarah finds out she is pregnant. Can she do all of the great traveling with this turn of events? And what about her boyfriend? Is he ready for fatherhood?
Even though this story starts out a bit slow, the author is quick to pull you on and you find yourself cheering for Sarah.

I do recommend this book.

I received this book for review from BookLook Bloggers

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