Friday, May 21, 2010

My review on The Alex Cross Trial by James Patterson

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First off, the cover for this book is very fitting.
The first few chapters actually don't do the usual in my opinion, you don't dive right into the mystery; you get a little background and groundwork done before you meet a couple of the main characters and the reason for the story. At first, that annoyed the living crud out of me. When I finally got to the chapter where he introduces Alex Cross' Grandfather and started getting into the main point of the book, I thought FINALLY! But then I remembered...there are those times when you can't just dive into it(the story), you do need some ground work at times.
I also like the fact that this book actually has some history in it as well. Which opened my eyes to the hatred and injustice black people had to put up back then. At times, the book made me mad and I wanted to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? then I had to remind myself, this is a book Elisha, get a grip...or loosen it!! All in all, great book that opens your eyes and really makes you think about history at times as well.

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