Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Salon- Book Reviews

So I decided to take part in a monthly post. You list all the books you have read in the month, and you can give a review of the books or not, or reviews on your favorite books; its up to you. To find out more about this and/or join in this, go to The Sunday Salon

Here is my tiny little list: (Do baby books count lol?!)

1. Loos Girl by Kerry Cohen- I would recommend this book. Very good. Not what you would think.
I give this a 4star ****
2. Letter to my daughter by Maya Angelou- wasn't a big fan of the book. I'm sure she is a delightful woman to sit and chat with over a pot of coffee, but I don't think I would buy any of her books, maybe flip through some of the pages. Sorry.
I give this a 2star **

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