Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shadow Cay by Leona Bodie REVIEW

An instant hook thriller when paradise becomes a life-and-death nightmare. Already reeling from a rash of maritime disasters, a war and international terrorists, vigilante Madeleine Nesbitt and amateur detective Peter Duncan are destined for even darker days when they investigate the man with no conscience behind the world's most profitable enterprise. They find themselves in a sea of corruption, deception and lies.

This was a three in one story, like a triangle they all had their own story that became part of the big picture. An older man by the name of Claude Pelletier whose wife had left him; He was on his boat  near the Chub Cay, on the northeastern fringe of Great Bahama Bank. He was depressed as well as drunk. He hit his head and passed out. Shortly after he woke up he heard foot steps, he had intruders. That was the start of his danger...
A young girl that has premonitions of sorts, sees images of this all happening.
She is born with a small red patch of skin that her parents are at first not concerned with but over time as it grows and changes color they express their concern to her doctor who is not the least but concerned. It then gets to the point that the doctor says he cannot operate on it due to the size. She has heart murmurs. Her heart is working at it's limit and sending all the blood to this tumor on the back of her head. She is losing weight. The doctors say that because the tumor is too big to operate on and her heart murmur and her being underweight; her survival chance is not looking good. Then a miracle happens. There is a doctor who speciallizes in what she needs. He does the operation and all is well. Her close friend Rollo, who found the doctor and is like a grandfather to Madeline takes her onto a ferry for a trip. Tragedy strikes but Madeline makes it by the skin of her teeth.
Rico, the third side of the story, is a huge drug dealer of sorts. He didn't have the best mother, a prostitute who didn't hide this fact from her son. He ate rotten food and bugs to survive. His mother was murdered. He didn't feel any sadness. Then an older woman with money takes him in. Gives him a home and treats him like her own. Then one day he sees his mothers traits in her and and can't stand her. He pushes her off the balcony and kills her. Inherits all her money etc. He is cold and mean hearted and selfish.
I was really looking forward to reading this book. It sounded really good with all the suspense and thrill and murder. But I found it hard to get into. The multistory line was hard for me to follow. I did enjoy each storyline and sympathized with all three main characters. Even Rico. At the same time though, I wanted to pull a Gibbs on Rico and smack him upside his head and shake some sense into him. He is smart enough to get an education (after killing the woman that took him in and let all she had to him) but dumped it all making a career out of drugs. This was a good book I just wish it were a bit easier to follow and not so hard to get into. I would recommend this book, though. Especially if you like and/or can follow multi story line books.
Leona Bodie is a good writer. I enjoyed her writing style and how Madeline developed through the book. I had a hard time with the book because of there being more than one or two story-lines but I wouldn't not recommend this book.

I received this book from Pump Up Your Book for review

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