Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guest Post with Gary Kassay

I would like to thank Elisha at Rainy Day Reviews for inviting me to the blog. It is an honor to be included here and I thank you for posting my guest blog.
The first of the Duke Becker series, Murder in Silence, is being released on 07-05-12. Let me give you a little background on myself and the inspiration for Inspector Duke Becker. Back in 1982 I was in training with the New York Transit Police Department for the Canine Unit. The training was intense and probably the best time I ever had. One day an event occurred and I immediately thought to myself what a great plot for a book! (No, I am not going to tell you what that event was…it would spoil everything.) In any case, I thought about that book till 2004, 22 years of developing the plot, characters and dialogue. The result is Murder in Silence and the sequels that will follow. Here is a small sample from Murder in Silence…I hope you enjoy it!

Murder in Silence (Duke Becker, #1)The dimly lit room may have been cold, but sitting behind my battered
desk, I didn’t feel a chill. On the contrary, I felt flush with excitement.
Malcolm White had paid for his sins. Everything had gone exactly as
planned, just like it always did.
I looked down at the list of names, bold red lines obliterating the
first three cops and that bitch Wilson. Three more to go, unless…
I recited the three remaining names, over and over, and then picked
up the thick red marker and lowered it to the list. I wanted to draw lines
through their names but could not. I threw the marker across the room.
Too soon! Too soon!” I cried out.
I slowly retrieved the marker and then placed it back on the desk
next to the list. There’s still so much to do tonight.
Walking from the room, I turned right and went further down the
long hall, my feet kicking up small clouds of dust from the hard-packed dirt
There, at the end of the hall, I entered another room. In the
blackness, nothing could be seen, but I knew what was in there. There was
silent power there, a longing to be released, and an urge to kill.

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