Sunday, March 3, 2013

Woman of Clay: A Journey of the Heart by Linda Caddick

Woman of Clay : a journey of the heart
 Young, wild and wilful, Shushana's burning quest for fulfilment entices her down a slippery byway of self-deception, passion and turmoil.

Escaping her father's oppressive rule, she travels the ancient paths of Judea to Galilee during the time when a controversial young rabbi is making his own way around this remarkable land. But in striving to find her life, she stands to lose it.

Forced to reap the consequences of her choices, she faces the final test - her will or God’s will? Only self-denial and sacrifice can lead her towards the home she is so desperately seeking - a home in another’s heart and a home in heaven.

This young girl, Shana is only sixteen. But she is acutely aware of her role as a woman. Obedience to the man is extremely importance. You obey without question or hesitation. But she is just stirring inside. Like a volcano ready to erupt. 
Shana's father has informed a young man, Raphael that he can wed his daughter. Shana shouldn't be surprised by this since they have been friends since they were small children. But- to everyone's shock and surprise, Shana rebels.
In turn, her parents send her away to her cousin and aunts to help out with household duties and in hopes to change her mind on the marriage. But Shana was not planning on developing a crush on her married cousin. 
She ends up seeking help from the Rabbi, who calls himself the Messiah. She wants to hear for herself what he is saying to everyone else.
What she comes to find out is she must lose herself to find herself. But can she do that? 

I loved how easy this book was to follow, as well as the biblical facts that were in this novel. It was fun to read a book where plot was modern but was from the biblical days. I'm not much of a fan of historical fiction or non fiction but I have read and enjoyed a few, am open to reading them; this was one where I was glad I gave it a shot. I don't regret it and I would read this book again :)
I was really glad to see Shana break out of her mold and finally think for herself and break away from her controlling father.

I recommend this book


                                                                                        I received this book from the author for review

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Lindsey said...

This sounds interesting. I just read Iscariot by Tosca Lee and it gave me a lot of new perspective about Jesus and the apostles and especially the time period in which they lived.
I'm glad you enjoyed this one!