Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anger: How to Control It So It Won't control you REVIEW

Everyone has experienced at least once in their life. Some have experienced at least every day.

I have traveled all over the world and since it in every place. I struggled with it as well. It’s a family problem for generations. It can be your greatest motivator or worst enemy.

Anger. Anger is defined by the Webster Dictionary as a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.

I will show not only to control your anger from a Christian principles but also have manage it until your motivate you; not hinder you. Get Ready. Anger is nothing more than manifestation of fear. Once you eliminate fear, the anger will be gone. Become Fearless

I read Dr. Brown's book The Reflections of Light for Daily Living: A Book of Affirmations for the Ambitious A few years back and I found that book very helpful and encouraging so, when I heard about this one I was glad to read it.
This is the same type of book as her others, the self help type but I do enjoy and appreciate particular aspects of her self help books that others seem to lack. For example, she creates a self help book that is not only relatable and easy to understand without sounding or coming off as condescending but, she gives people help and advise without making you feel as though you're sitting in a classroom or being given an anger intervention. She creates this feeling within her book as though you are sitting down with her over a cup of coffee or tea; simply chatting with a friend who is offering good advice to live by. 
Even if you yourself don't feel as though you have anger problems personally, it would make for a great gift, daily lesson on how to help those with anger problems, or if you know someone who could use it but may not receive it as well, you could read it yourself and get help on how to help them and communicate with them.
Lastly, another lovely facet to this self help book is, even though it is written in, and could be read in chronological order, it does not require chronological order reading. You can jump throughout the book to where you need help first. 

I do recommend this book


                                                                               I received this book for review from Ambition Press

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