Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Note: A Graceful Reflection by Cameron Dockery REVIEW

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The Year was 1972 and while America was knee deep in something called Watergate an eleven year old boy from a small community finds himself neck deep in a scandal of his own. The Note is a true story about a boy who gets himself into trouble and has a hard time confessing after having been traumatized the previous year. A line was crossed while discipline was administered and the father he loved became the man he feared. An emotional scar left his heart deeply wounded and severely handicapped.

Can a relationship be restored? Can a wounded heart experience healing? Is there hope for the hurting? The Note answers these questions with a loud and resounding, YES!

The Note was a quick and somewhat easy to read. Meaning, it was easy to understand, but there were parts in the book I didn't quite agree with, mainly the wording at times. Outside of what I would refer to unfortunate wording because of today's society and the popularity of political correctness, I enjoyed this quick little read. I agree with the theme and moral of the story. I also appreciated the moral compass it held. The story deals with what many kids deal with: feeling bad about what they did wrong, but not wanting to come clean. Yet the guilt of what they did pushing them to do what is right, knowing (or not knowing) the consequences that are about to take place. 
I don't quite agree with how the father dealt with the son after he stood up to and fought his bully or the lesson the boy took away from the incident ( I'll stop with that example since I don't want to give any spoilers).
What I did like is, after the boy was feeling tortured for what he did and the guilt from it and from lying, he still came forward, knowing fully what the consequences were. I also respected how the father dealt with the issue and his son after he came forward with the truth; he showed him grace and forgiveness.
All in all, if it were not for what I believe is the moral of the story, that being grace and forgiveness, I don't feel I would be able to recommend this book even though it is a true story from the authors life.

I received this book for review from the author.

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