Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can You Action Past Your Devil’s Advocate? By Kimbe Abernathy Book Feature

Kimbe Abernathy Bio:

K. Abernathy better known as Kimbe`, Kentucky native, now California saturated since the 90’s. Passionately spreading growth knowledge to assist ones in reaching their high potentials. Kimbe` an entrepreneur, business owner, director, educator, and deal sealer, currently serving as CEO of a small personal appearance company and Director of youth programs sponsored by regional school districts.
“I noticed success started to come when I stopped looking for people to utilize my full potential and began to create my own opportunities”                                                        
 -K. Abernathy
Entrepreneur – Author


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Can You Action Past Your Devil’s Advocate bcc:
Are you an existing, new, or upcoming entrepreneur? Do you have business goals? This book is an easy-to-read, relaxed, understand body of work. A great book to assist in expounding one’s vision to put all into action through twelve elaborated tips on what it takes to move forward. An undeniable source of motivation bursting with inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind. If you can get through this book, you can get through business. From the desk of an average member of society, “Can you action past your devil’s advocate?”

Jam-packed with success tips, famous quotes, profiles of iconic successful leaders, mentors and main takeaways. Let’s get this body of work read so we can move on to excellence, creating our own success stories!

This book provokes you to:
rise up to the challenge and overcome
leads you to fight for your life and your dreams
points you to reach the top at your full potential, in full force.

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