Wednesday, December 12, 2018

#Giveaway Christmas Countdown

Dividing my time between homes in South-West France and Abu Dhabi, I live with my husband and our beautiful Tonkinese cat. I spent 20 years as a teacher of French, Latin and Classical studies, before a change of career led me to writing books for children instead.
Shadows from the Past is series of time-travel adventures, featuring 3 children and a rather special Tonkinese cat by the name of Max. I'm currently working on the tenth book in the series, The Shadow of the Witchfinder. Max also has a few solo adventures of his own to accompany the series.

As I take my young readers on a magical mystery tour through the past, I'm hoping that my love of history, myth and legend will rub off on them too.

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MAX’S ADVENTURES are spin-offs
from my 


A second solo adventure awaits Max the time-travelling Tonkinese cat in this Christmas short story. 

Invited to accompany a well-known figure on a whirlwind trip into the past, he sets off on a mission to search for something very precious to his owners Jemima and Joe Lancelot - their missing parents. 

The hunt reveals tantalising clues to this mystery and ends with a special surprise for the twins.

Max the talking Tonkinese cat has a third solo adventure in this seasonal short story.

What happens when the feline hero is trapped in the attic one night?

Will he escape the clutches of the Christmas fairy, a regiment of soldiers and three obstreperous French hens in time to enjoy a holiday with his family?

One thing’s for sure, the Twelve Days of Christmas will never seem quite the same again …

Snippet Book 2:

EXTRACT 1: Something heavy was being dragged across the tiles, and
what in heaven’s name was that? Horses’ hooves? On a rooftop? Max listened in
rapidly growing disbelief as another clang reverberated through the ceiling and
the muttering grew louder. Whoever could it be?

2: The sleigh hurtled so fast through the night sky that Max felt his head
spin. Time-travel sickness wasn’t at all pleasant and the cat closed his eyes.
All of a sudden he heard a loud clatter as they bumped hard against something.

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