Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dancing in the Storm by Shelly Maguire and Beth Huffman REVIEW

Dancing in the Storm, Ed: First What turns an angry adolescent and then a defiant teenager into an indomitable businesswoman who faced so many obstacles in life that she defied all odds for success? Told at the age of nine that she had a lethal disease that could take her life by the age of 18, for Shelly Maguire this was all she had to hear to push herself to the limits and stop at nothing to reach her goals. Written with heart-pounding honesty and delicious humor, Dancing in the Storm takes the reader along on an emotional roller coaster ride through Shelly Maguire s multi-faceted career from the classroom to the boardroom. An entrepreneur, founder of multiple start-up companies and a skin care developer for several large companies, Shelly takes you inside the world of business, live TV (HSN) and infomercials. This TV and radio personality spells out her formula for success. Think like a child - - they never take no for an answer. You ll be startled and amazed at her confessions and grit, and then wish she were your best friend. Read how one serendipitous moment at a stop light, was the start of a love story many only dream about.

When I was first asked to review this book, I had mixed feelings. I wanted to read it because it is a true story about a womans success in health and life; even with the devastating news she was given at such as young age. On the other hand it seemed too sad a story for me to want to read, and I didn't understand the cover. I still don't quite understand the cover but I am glad I read this story. It is inspiring for sure, funny, candid and honest.
What made this book different then the other memoirs I have read is partly the fact that there weren't any chapters. It was broken up into sub-chapters. Mainly emails from her family to Beth sharing stories about Shelly from before she was born until the present and what she is like, emails and calls between Beth and Shelly, Shelly telling stories and antics of her growing up with CF and how that impacted her life as a child, teen, and adult.
The entire book was intriguing and hard to put down but also hard to read at times, mainly because you feel for her and her family. I enjoyed reading her story and am glad she did share her story-even the parts where you want to cover your eyes and think, 'what are you doing?' I appreciate that she didn't take any of her health issues as a warning to slow down but to push harder because if she had taken the doctors advise when she was twelve, who knows if she would be alive to tell her story today. She is definitely an inspiration.
I would recommend this book, to anyone:)

I received this book for review from Media Guests


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kcmofel said...

Elisha, this is Shelly's mom, Felicia. I don't know how you were asked to review the book, but I think you nailed it. It was tough to help with long-forgotten memories, but fun as well, with the memories of fun adventures. Those who know her enjoy her quick, delicious humor and she'll soon be sharing it on a blog she's starting named, of course, Dancing in the Storm. Shelly's determination can not only be admired, but used for anyone facing any challenge in life.