Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins REVIEW

The Betrayal

Detective Boone Drake has just masterminded the most massive sting in Chicago history, bringing down the heads of not only the biggest street gangs in the city but also the old crime syndicate. The story is the biggest in decades, and the Chicago Police Department must protect the key witness at all costs. Despite top secret plans to transfer the witness ahead of his testimony before the grand jury, an attempt is made on his life. And the person suspected of leaking this information may be one of the CPD's own.

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I first fell in love with Jenkins' writing when I read the Left Behind series by Tim Lahay and Jerry Jenkins. This book (or series I should say) - is no different. He keeps you captivated from the first page till the very end.  
How do you do you feel when someone you look up to, someone you think of in high regards, betrays you so deeply it shatters every feeling, all respect you had for that person, and you don't think there is any fixing it..? This is what Boone Drake deals with in this novel.
In the very beginning of this heart pumping story, Drake wakes up in the hospital after being shot, recollection of what happened seems to be pretty clear; but figuring out what is happening and realizing your dealing with conspiracy, deceit and backstabbing becomes clear. While the story unfolds you are hoping for the best but are thinking the worst. Drake soon finds out his girlfriend, Haley may be leaking confidential information about the key witnesses...whom he was protecting when he got shot. 
After getting shot, it becomes Drake's mission to find out who arranged for Drake and the star witness to be killed and why they are trying to frame his girlfriend for something she didn't do...or so we hope.

A couple of people told me this was a good read but I may find it slow, and it was for short periods of time, but not long enough for me to lose interest. 
I do recommend this read.

I borrowed this book from my local library

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