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**Giveaway** Seven Threads: A Book of Short Stories by Jason Atkinson

Book Details:

Book Title:  Seven Threads: A Book of Short Stories
Author:  Jason Atkinson
​Category:  Adult Fiction,  151 pages
Genre:   Thriller and Suspense
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date: July 4 , 2017
Tour dates:  July 10 to 28, 2017
Content Rating:  PG

Book Description:

In this collection of seven short stories from Jason Atkinson, follow a man accused of murder, a runaway girl on a train, a scientist at the heart of a government conspiracy, and more! Full of twists and turns, Seven Threads offers a selection of fast-paced stories full of heart and excitement.
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Meet the Author:

​Jason Atkinson lives in the Midwest with his wife and son. With a love of writing, this is his 3rd book, but first book in the fiction category. Short stories are easy to digest, and yet, this book still provides all the joys for the long haul reader. Jason write for everyone in mind when creating this piece and hopes you will enjoy it as much as he did when writing it.

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Q: What made you write a book about these 7 stories?

A: Each story in this book has an emphasis on something sad, or negative. In a way, I wrote these stories so that the people reading could connect on a more realistic level to the characters in the stories.

At the same time, each story doesn’t end in the same way it begins. There is hope found in the pages. A hope that tells us that human kind on a whole can be gentle and caring. That people, at the end of the day, do matter.

Each story is unique and tells it’s own tale, but by the time you finish the book you will have seen compassion and care drip from the pages and hopefully, it will change the way the reader looks at their own life, just as it did with mine as I wrote it them.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

A: For my stories, inspiration comes from life. Not just my life, but also the lives of those people we see on TV, in movies, and from our neighbors. We all have a story to tell and each story is a little different. I just took these particular stories to the next level by weaving a thread of goodness in them so that no matter what the situation, an ending we all want is an ending we can see and feel on the pages of this book.

Q: There are plenty of fiction books out there, what makes yours so special?

A: I realize that in this great big world that there are those that read a lot, and those that only read small portions. This book stands apart because it fits both audiences. My book of short stories is split into parts. Each story has parts that make up the entire story. If a reader wishes to read an entire story at once, they can. If another reader wants to digest smaller sections without getting lost – they can! It’s great.

Plus, my stories are just fun to read and have twists and turns all their own. Each story is unique so you are bound to find a few favorites to read over and over again.

Q: Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?

A: Certainly. There have been a few times where writers block has crept up on me and tried to shut me down for a while. I am still unaware of how it shows up, but getting past it has been getting easier and easier. For me, it has revolved around what I do in my life outside of writing, whether it is the people I speak to, things I watch, other things I read etc.

I can be a visual learner at times; so being able to watch a show or movie, and then translate that in my words has helped me tremendously with overcoming what to say or how to say it on paper. Just as other books have helped me see the ways in which other writers describe situations has helped me when tackling my own descriptive behaviors. Short stories can be a challenge though because of a word limitation – but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and have found it to be my favorite approach to writing.

Q: Do you write every day?

A: I would love to say yes, I write everyday and for hours on end! Sadly though, this is not the case. I do make it a goal to write something, even if only a few hundred words at a time, but this can be a challenge with being a husband, father, full time employee and trying to have a social life somewhere in there too.

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