Saturday, January 8, 2011

Permanent Obscurity by Delores Santana (as told by Richard Perez) Review

Inspired by the underground sexploitation films of the 1960's, this bold updatig of the "roughie" subgenre largely takes place in the East Village (circa 2006). and it' chronicles the rise and fall of a unique and intense friendship. Delores and Serena, two chemically dependent, down-and-out artists, set out to take control of their lives by making a fetish-noir/femdom movie....Of course, things don't exactly turn out as planned.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of what I typically read. I gave it a chance because it is a memoir (told by the girl (Delores) lying on the floor with dark hair) and I am trying to give books out of my comfort zone a chance . But this was a little too out of my comfort zone with all the crude and foul language, pornographic language and drug use. Also, this book was another one of those 'really slow with fast faced areas'. I kept putting this book to the side to take a break from the constant language in the book. But then the curious side got to me and I wanted to find out how they ended up taking the picture that is on the cover. Plus, how Delores talks in the book, especially towards the middle, makes it sound like Serena ( the blonde in the picture) is dead. And with me, especially memoirs, I have to finish the book to find out what happened. You never do get to find out about the picture:(
I don't want to give anything away but with circumstances in this book, I really wanted to finish the book just to find out what happens. I got so mad at Delores and Serena, but especially Delores because she kept drinking and using even after she found out she is pregnant. And with Serena because she is so manipulative and loves to use people. Even her own best friend, Delores.
Something that I typically do after reading a memoir/true story, I go online and/or look up books about that person(s). After finishing the book I went online to read some old articles and to find out more information about this book and the people in it. I couldn't find anything. Because names and such had been changed. That was a downer for me. But that is okay. I got over it.
I enjoyed the book, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if there wasn't all the foul and explicit language.
All in all, if you don't mind a lot of foul language and sexual talk, than you might find this an interesting read. I recommend this book if you enjoy memoirs but I would warn you about the language. I definitely would not recommend book to everybody. 

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