Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Prayables-All Women All Voices I recently signed up for Prayables,  prayers for women to be sent to my email. I didn't think I would end up putting it into my blog, but...I have decided that once in a while I will. Especially if they are cute or funny.
If you want to get these free emails click above. 
Here is the one I got today:

Gas Pass

This room is crowded,
much like my intesWGasPasstines at this moment.
If I were to relieve myself
of this pressure right now,
the sound would startle small children,
and if not, I'm sure the smell
would sicken them and kill the plants.

Please give a pass on this one.
Help me to avoid letting one rip
in this embarrassing setting.
If I must, let it be silent.
Limit the stench to a five foot radius,
so that I can blame it on the sleeping dog.

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