Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missing Book

Remember how I mentioned before how I hate that I can't read in cars? But I did try. And Failed... 

On the way back from Wenatchee and Leavenworth, I tried to get some book work done by at least writing notes down, getting a rough draft on my review for Which None Can Shut by Reema Good. 
I did pretty good too:) I have a page worth of notes and thoughts down that I want to include in my review. We pulled off at one place for food, so I closed my notebook and put the book on top of it and put it on my seat, shut the door and went inside to eat. 

We came out with full tummies and legs stretched and ready to continue our journey back home.
We finally pull up to our place; I unbuckle myself, got Abigail unbuckled and took her into the house to put her into her playpen to help unload the car. 

I come back out, my husband (Robert) has the stroller packed down with our bags and asks me to take that inside while he finishes up. No problem.

I take it inside and start putting clean clothes away and dirty clothes into the hamper then I put the food that we purchased in the cub-boards and fridge. Then I put our re-usable bags and over night bags away. Hubby checks on Abbie and she is passed out in her playpen. It has been a long day.

The rest of the day goes smoothly until I get ready to go to bed so I grab my read, Which None Can Shut and I CAN'T FIND IT! I don't get it! I emptied all bags and put all away! I ask Hubby if he knows where it is because I can't find it! It's Here. I remember seeing it he says. I ask him to call and ask his mother if she has seen it. So he calls and asks her, what's the title of the book, babe? Hubby asks while his mother is on the phone. Which None Can Shut by Reema Goode I say.

No. She hasn't seen it. She hasn't seen any book. Then why did she ask about the title!? 

Fine. Just please the both of you, keep an eye out for it. And you're both on my suspect list so don't go anywhere.

So, I am forced to take a break from that book ( I am so close to being done!!) and continue with Outlive Your Life: You were made to make a difference by Max Lucado. I like the book just fine and I enjoy reading it but I am so close to being done with the other one!! I was going to have my review up this week and everything! GAH! ARG! AHH! 

Don't you hate it when that happens? And of course, that happens and you want to rad the book that is missing. lol.

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