Friday, October 1, 2010

My Morning Wake Up Call

Who in the world...? *yawn* Eyes are slits....
Early this morning my mother-in-law called me to ask if Hubby (Robert) and I have plans for the weekend. 
"No...why?" I mumble into the phone. Now confused. She then told me about her plans to go to Leavenworth for a few days.
"Very cool, Chris." She continues to tell me about having a town car and leaving at around three later today.
"So if you guys don't have plans, do you want to come with me?" She asks. Takes me a few minutes to fully understand what she was saying and asking.
"Yea sounds like fun. Thank you for the offer." She tells me that she will be here at 3ish to pick us up. Make sure to be ready. No problem I tell her. 
"OK. My break is over, I'll talk to you later." Then she hangs up I shut my phone and turn around to go back to sleep...wait. Did she just ask us to go with her for the weekend? Oh Lord I have a lot to do before then! 
So my morning went from being lazy and nowhere to go to a little bit stressed over getting everything ready...I'm running behind as it is so more later..this will have to wait...

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