Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Life Matter by Shane Standford REVIEW

Making Life Matter: Embracing the Joy in the EverydayIn a world of fast-paced schedules and priorities, conversations about what makes for a life well lived are a rarity and a luxury. But what if the daily pace of life held in itself the way to make choices more significant? What if the daily to-do lists gave a glimpse into how people might change their future? What if the daily grind, as arduous as it might seem, held the key to a life full of meaning and potential? What if everyday, simple steps, instead of some complex list of seemingly unattainable principles, showed how to make life matter? Making Life Matter answers these questions and shows that the steps for making life matter are found in rather ordinary decisions, attitudes, and patterns found in normal routines. This book is about our story and our journey, and what we do and feel along the way.

I was a bit hesitant on reading this book at first; not because of the cover image or the author or title, but it seemed to be a self-help book and I read too many last year. I don't know how or why but I over-did myself with spiritual thought/personal growth and self help books that I pretty much swore them off for the year of 2012. I saw this one and it didn't exactly jump out at me. But then reading the definition of the title embracing the joy in the everyday and with the hardships my family is facing I though, okay, so this Shane guy is going to teach me to appreciate the small things that amount to a lot during turmoil...right?...Already heard that lesson but I'll take a crack at your book...
And I am honestly glad that I didn't turn my nose up at this book. Yes it is personal growth but he makes it a pleasure to read. I had ah huh moments and yea I know the feeling and I wrote peoples names on pages as I thought who would benefit from this book. He had a lot of good advise and I highlighted quite a bit; I had the original intent to tell you what some focal points were in the book with the chapter heading but I ended up highlighting quite a few...
I pondered for a while when he brought up how robotic we tend to be with the Lord's prayer. He shared a few stories with each lesson to clarify his point; some were real heart felt while others inspiring. I really liked that at the end of each lesson/chapter he closed it with Journey Points (scriptures), a hand full of questions, and a prayer.
In my mind you could easily read this in one sitting since it is not dry and boring and just another lecture OR because he does end each chapter with scriptures to read and study and a prayer outline, you could use this book as a seven day devotional (with intro and epilogue).
 If you feel you need encouragement, or a silver lining, wake up call, a fresh pair of eyes to your situation, pick up this book, you won't regret it.

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