Friday, May 18, 2012

The Tension Point by Harold Elmore and Kim Fletcher

We have become conditioned for status quo, yet an echo deep within leaves us longing for more. We each face our own tension points where we must determine if we will press through to discover what we are truly capable of. This book you hold in your hands will leave you: Awakened to your true identity and potential Catapulted from mere goals to a life of vision Positioned to lead with excellence Whether your vision is big or small, The Tension Point will take you on a journey from dreamer to achiever. Dr. W. Carl McMillan.
This book leaves you:
  • Awakened to your true identity and potential
  • Catapulted from mere goals to a life of vision
  • Positioned to lead with excellence
   This book had some real good pointers and advise to think on for sure...But I also felt that at times the author was over-thinking areas such as everything seemed to be an echo of status quo. I think that when people have a goal in life or a dream in life that goes hand in hand with the status quo. This book is great for people who harp or worry too much about their place/status in the world. Or if they have already gotten to their goal (become a doctor, get married, buy a home, have kids, etc) or something along those lines and now feel stuck or as though they are floating along for the journey in their life. Or if they feel it is too late to reach their goal because of their age and/or other circumstances. Their are a lot of reasons to read this book, like I stated above.
I enjoyed this book and have recommended this book to a few people whom I feel would benefit. Except my Dad since he isn't a big reader anymore...He is very much into maybe I'll get it for him in audio....hmmm....
Bottom line, read this book. I felt it a bit dry and boring at times but only because I am trying to take a break from Christian thought/Personal growth books and this fell right into the category but it was really good. And really short. I read it one sitting with one pot of coffee (192 pages).

HAROLD ELMORE IS AN AWARD-WINNING ENTREPRENEUR, Business Trainer and former Pilot. As a successful Business Owner, his greatest passion is condensing his vast experience into powerful strategies and systems to allow individuals to achieve success in business while achieving fulfillment in life. In this book, Harold condenses his experience, struggles and achievements to enhance the journey of those who are ready to explode beyond the nine-to-five box. He and his beautiful wife, Donna, can be seen on their bright yellow Harley Davidson on the scenic highways across the country. 
KIM FLETCHER IS A MASTER LIFE COACH, Author and Professional Speaker. Her extensive background as a Physical Therapist, College Instructor, Disability Advocate and Entrepreneur have equipped Kim with skills in the areas of facilitating freedom, unleashing potential and creating lasting results for clients. The Tension Point concepts emerged from more than a decade of coaching clients to break through invisible walls separating them from reaching their ultimate potential personally and professionally. Kim works globally and relaxes at her favorite beach in Maui, Hawaii.

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