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Sight Unseen by Erin Leigh Crisp **Book Blast**

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Sight Unseen
Author: Erin Leigh Crisp
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 198
Genre: Christian Romance

Emilia Phillips is looking for a
career and a way out of her day job. She is not looking for a man to rescue her

Asher Mason wants his life back. He lost his sight and the hero-life he loved
in a millisecond. He no longer trusts his instincts, especially about women.
But the sweet-smelling waitress in his favorite café tempts him to trust. As
Emilia helps Asher relearn everyday activities, the two find themselves falling
faster than either expected.

Can a woman love a blind soldier? Will she want a man who doesn’t recognize
himself anymore? As Asher’s shortcomings become more apparent to him, the wedge
forced between he and Emilia widens. Can Asher trust the same God that took his
sight to direct his future?


Book Excerpt:
“How long has it been?” Emilia
could have bitten off her own tongue. 
His eyes glanced over again, but
they didn’t see her. He gave one huge breath and shrugged, like it wasn’t
important. “Three months.”
Only three months? And he was
walking around town and ordering coffee? No seeing-eye dog, no dark glasses?
She wanted to compliment him, but she figured he wasn’t the type of man to take
it for what it was. Instead, she eased her hand onto his shoulder for a split
second and went for humor instead.
“I should have noticed when you
didn’t wink back at me earlier.”
His head shot up, and his cheeks
tinged the darkest pink.
Emilia covered her giggle and shook
her head. “I swear I’m kidding. I wasn’t flirting with you, but I really should
have noticed earlier. My brother was born blind. He’s seventeen.”
The man looked curious, but he was
still blushing and she decided not to press him. “Anyway, if you need anything,
my name is Emilia. I’ll be here all week.”
His lips turned up in the smallest
smile. She reminded herself that she wasn’t looking for a man. She took three
steps away before he called her name.
Her feet stopped. “Yeah?”
He swallowed hard, his fingers
linking on the tabletop. His eyes searched for her face. “I’m Asher Mason.
Thank you, again.”
“It was my pleasure.” She turned
and walked away, but the damage was already done. Her heart thumped crazily.
Her cheeks heated. Her teeth bit down to stop the smile that threatened. And
I’m in a load of trouble
, she thought.

About the Author

was born and raised on the Florida/Alabama state line in a small farming
community which has served as inspiration for her novels. She believes the
heart of a happy ending is God and His plan for the lives of His

In 2014, Erin
published her first novels for sale.  She currently has eight
full-length novels and one novella for sale on Amazon. Erin
makes her home in Northeast Georgia with her husband,
four children and two fish. Erin has a bachelor degree
in Christian Counseling and enjoys photography in her spare time.
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